Monoprice Pure Outdoor Games and Gear 2022 REVIEW

Pure outdoor games and equipment


Monoprice’s Pure Outdoor games and equipment are great for end-of-summer gatherings. The ice chest, ring toss and backyard bowling set are well made and a great value. Lawn bowling pins are quite small and don’t sit well on grassy areas, but they are fun to play on the right surface.

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Get the most out of your end-of-summer parties with these Pure Outdoor products!

As summer draws to a close, many people are looking for fun outdoor activities to do with family and friends over Labor Day weekend. Although barbecues and picnics are always a classic, sometimes a little something extra is needed to keep everyone entertained. Here are some great outdoor games and gear from Monoprice that can make your weekend more enjoyable.

Pure Outdoor by Monoprice presents premium outdoor products at affordable prices. Some of the products included in this brand are tents, dry bags, water bottles, coolers, waterproof cases and outdoor games. Items are durable and affordable. We’ve hand-picked a few highlights from the Pure Outdoor Collection that could enhance your end-of-summer festivities.

Monoprice Pure Outdoor Games and Equipment

Emperor 80 fridge (15640)

This massive 21.1-gallon cooler is built for adventure. They can be used in the hottest and coldest conditions and can keep items in temperature-controlled storage for up to 150 hours. The cooler is securely sealed with rubber anchor latches. Steel-reinforced padlock holes are included to keep your food and drinks safe from unwanted critters or neighbors. The cooler also comes equipped with tie-down holes so the unit can be locked down to prevent it from sliding around in your vehicle. The Emperor 50 cooler features low pressure rotomolded construction. This makes it durable and virtually indestructible.

The Emperor Cooler actually comes in four different size variations: 25 litres, 50 litres, 80 litres, or 160 litres. Each size has four color options: gray, pale turquoise, tan, and white. I have the 80 liter version in Gray. This thing is no joke. It weighs 44.1 pounds when empty and its exterior measures 30.8″ x 22.0″ x 20.7″. When the cooler arrived, it was packed in a very large box. Even though he knew it was a very large cooler, he still wasn’t prepared for how big it would be in person. it’s huge. A family of four could easily pack everything they’d need inside the fridge for a weekend getaway.

The construction of the cooler is impressive. It is very sturdy and feels solid. Although it is a very large cooler and weighs a considerable amount when empty, it is surprisingly easy to transport thanks to its rope handles. I would recommend this as a team lift considering I could weigh over 100lbs on just a few 12 soda packs.

Monoprice Pure Outdoor Games and Equipment

Because this cooler is so bulky, it takes a bit of planning to make sure you can pack it properly. My fiancé and I have Ford Escapes, which are midsize crossovers. They have a sizable cargo area, but this refrigerator takes up most of that space. However, one of the benefits of its size is the fact that you can store all of your groceries inside while on the go. The Emperor 80 Cooler, or any of its other variants, seems like a good investment, especially if you frequently travel or camp.

The only flaw I found is that the Pure Outdoor label on the front is peeling off. This is irrelevant as it has nothing to do with the function of the cooler. The price is appropriate considering the size of the cooler and how well built it is. Different colors have different prices: gray ($191.99), pale turquoise ($139.99), tan ($178.99), and white ($199.99).

Big Ring Toss Game

This ring toss game is made with pine and hemp rope. It comes with a lightweight carry bag. The pieces fit together and then the dowels are screwed into the sockets. The rings are made with hemp rope and have colored wood marked on them. When the game is assembled it measures 29.1″ x 29.1″ x 7.6″. The kit weighs 3.5 pounds, making it easy to transport from party to party.

Monoprice Pure Outdoor Games and Equipment

The game is shipped in a box wrapped in the carrying case. Assembling the game only takes a few minutes. I like that it’s made with real wood because it helps it weigh more while sitting in a grassy area. The rope rings are a bit tricky to throw as they have the wooden loop on them. I pulled them several times when I first got it and since the string was stiff out of the box it was hard to aim at the pegs. After the string loosened up a bit, it was a bit easier, but I still had to compensate for the wood that was on the string.

Although I had a little trouble with the ring toss game at first, it is fun to play and very easy to put together. List price is $29.99 but can be found at a discount. At the time of publishing this article, Monoprice has it listed for $25.49.

Monoprice Pure Outdoor Games and Equipment

bowling in the yard

This classic game is perfect for tailgating, barbecues, camping, parties and other outdoor events. Set includes ten pins, two balls, and a mesh carry bag. Bowling pins and balls are made of wood, so they are very sturdy and weigh well for outdoor activities. Other than unwrapping the pins and balls from the shipping box, no assembly is required.

Although the set is very well built and polished, it is substantially smaller than I expected. Last summer I bought a lawn bowling set and it was a bit big. That set was super light and didn’t sit well on grass. This set has a nice weight to it and installs easily, but it’s small. Although the wood has very heavy pins, since its base is so small, they do not sit well on the grass. Monoprice lists the price of this game at $24.99, but it currently (at the time of publication) sells for $13.99 on The price is fair given the quality of the set. I was just hoping it was closer to full size bowling than it is.

Monoprice Pure Outdoor Games and Equipment


When it comes to celebrating the end of summer, there are plenty of outdoor games that people of all ages can enjoy. From classic games like frisbee and tag to more active games like capture the flag and water balloon toss, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. Pure Outdoor’s product offerings provide a good time for everyone. Gather your friends and family and get out and have some fun this Labor Day weekend!

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