Missy has returned to fight UNIT in Nemesis: Masters of Time…

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UNIT: Nemesis – Masters of Time due in july… cover art and details revealed by Big Finish!

UNIT – Nemesis: Masters of Time

It’s been almost two years since the series began, but the cataclysmic conclusion of the UNITY – Nemesis The saga is now only a few months away.

This final full cast audio drama box set, time masters, stars Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart, Ingrid Oliver as Petronella Osgood and promises, or should it be threat? – the return of Michelle Gomez as Missy.

As if the alien Vulpreen wasn’t enough, what’s left of UNIT faces yet another formidable adversary. The mercurial Time Lord Missy sides with the Vulpreen, aiding and encouraging them in their ambition to become the rulers of not just Earth, but all of Space and Time.

UNIT – Nemesis: Masters of Time is now available to pre-order for just £24.99 (Collector’s Edition CD case + download) or £19.99 (download only) exclusively here. Purchasing a bundle, containing all four volumes of the UNIT – Nemesis series, can be pre-ordered for just £88 (Collector’s Edition CD case + download) or £79 (download only).

The final four adventures in this box are as follows:

“One Way or Another” by John Dorney
Kate leads an attack on a Vulpreen prison camp, unaware that UNIT friends are being held there. As the paths converge, Kate and Osgood have different perspectives on the attack and specific dangers to overcome.

“Gate of Traitors” by Sarah Grochala
Osgood is being held prisoner in the Tower of London, which is now a Vulpreen base. In order to rescue her friend, Kate must come up with a plan to raid her old headquarters. Inside the Tower, the Vulpreen are determined to access the Black Archive and the enormously dangerous alien technology it contains. How long can Osgood keep them out?

“The Labyrinth of Destiny” by Alison Winter
The UNIT team finds itself traveling through various eras of Earth’s history. The only guidance they have is working for the enemy, and the Vulpreen are hot on their heels. Help comes from a new friend, a young healer who already has a curious relationship with time.

“True Nemesis” by Andrew Smith
Under Missy’s guidance, the Vulpreen are ready to strike and establish themselves as the new Masters of Time. UNIT’s showdown with Missy deep in Portugal’s Douro Valley will decide the fate of not only Earth but the entire Universe.

Producer Heather Challands said: “We get a race against time from John Dorney, a covert mission in a familiar locale from Sarah Grochala, a high-stakes time travel feast from Alison Winter, before UNIT and their nemesis collide. come face to face in Andrew’s ending.

“After putting Earth in danger so many times on this trip, it was amazing to finally find out how Kate, Osgood and UNIT were going to try to save it! I am very proud of the cast, crew, and the amount of Christmas chocolates we got during our filming.”

The guest cast includes Christopher Naylor (as Harry Sullivan), Eleanor Crooks (as Naomi Cross), Alisdair Simpson (as Varliss, the Vulpreen leader), James Joyce (as Josh Carter) and Chris Lew Kum Hoi (as Lt. Jimmy Tan ). ).

All time and space…