MEHLER | How to Market Any Hobby for Your Resume

As job and internship applications begin to open, updating our resumes annually emerges as the next priority in our daily lives. With so much time focused on upcoming pre-tests, jobs, and other assignments, not everyone may have had the time or opportunity to take jobs and internships that are a perfect fit for their next prospective employer. While I have been fortunate to have had such experiences over time, I know from being a peer mentor that freshmen have a harder time marketing their pursuits for the next job they want. Fortunately for all of you Cornellians, I’ve got you covered with this guide on how to market any activity when building your resume.

First, listen to your professional services staff before even considering this advice. Whether it’s your university’s specific career services center or the university-wide office, those professionals have far more knowledge and experience in resume building than I do. From the format to the content, the whole job of professional services is to help you get a job. So, listen to them first and then come back here.

Alright, now that you’re back here, I’m going to use my favorite hobby as an example for today: cup head speed race cup head is a run-and-gun video game that consists almost exclusively of boss fights. beautifully designed, cup head‘s entirely hand-drawn art mirrors that of 1930s cartoons and his jazz remains one of the best compositions in decades. Also, cup head is widely considered one of the most difficult video games of the last twenty years, frustrating millions of players in its five years and angering over a million more with its most recent expansion, Delicious Last Course. With a game as difficult as cup headNot surprisingly, the average time to beat the game (just beat it, nothing else) is around 11 hours; the DLC only takes over another 3 hours. So what could be more satisfying than winning the game in the first place? Win the game as fast as possible.

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