Meet Linda Guillory: Inside the Collection

Linda Guillory grew up playing video games and usually winning at them too. Her love for games didn’t stop once she became an adult, in fact, she reached the next level.

As an adult, she found and bought all her favorite childhood games, then added a few more, just for good measure. Linda has been building on her collection for years and now has over 3,000 individual game systems and games.

He also currently holds two Guinness World Records for this collection of old video games. She has even collected bonus points by becoming an engineer, so she can understand them better.

His passion for video games began with coleco pacmanand it spread to other games like Zelda and donkey kong. This collection of vintage video games comes from many childhood memories. What video games did you play as a child? Have a look!

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1. Adventure Vision with three sealed cartridges

Adventure Vision is the “holy grail” of portable gaming. It is very rare and hard to find in quality condition today. This handheld came out in 1981 and retailed for around $50.

Today this item is worth $10,000 for the game system and all three cartridges.

2. King Kong Tiger Board

This item is special because only one boxed copy is said to be available and Linda owns it. Linda made multiple offers over a few years to purchase this valuable item.

It is an important part of Nintendo history and is one of Linda’s favorite games. It’s a museum piece waiting to happen.

Today it would be worth around $10,000.

3. Entex 3-D Exhaust 1000 Mazes Prototype

This is an Entex 3-D Escape 1000 Mazes prototype. Linda found this item at an online auction, where an Entex employee was selling it.

It is a working prototype and is different from later versions. It is very rare to find working prototypes in good condition for classic games and game systems.

Today this item would be worth about $3,000.

4. coleco pacman

Who doesn’t like a good game of pac man? This is the one that started it all for Linda. pac man is one of his favorite classic games.

This machine gives you one of your favorite childhood memories. What video game does that for you?

Today it is worth around $200.

5. The Legend of Zelda and The Adventures of Link

The legend of Zelda and Link’s Adventures They’re two of Nintendo’s best. When Linda first played The legend of Zelda he played it all the time and over time developed a deep love for the game.

She and her sister came together and created a memory that makes it special for both Linda and her sister. Both games are new and in the box.

Today they are worth about $1,500.

6. A set of portable games from Mattel

Linda has a whole set of vintage Mattel handheld games, and these are just a few of her favorites. Linda understands the importance of Mattel and its influence on portable gaming. She grew up playing with them and had always wanted to collect them.

It has all 50 games that are part of Mattel’s portable gaming suite. How many of these did you play?

Today they are worth about $8,000.

7. The total value of Linda Guillory’s video game collection: