Meet Cute (2022) Review & Ending Explained

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After her long stint on the popular sitcom Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco seems to be trying to break out of this mold. His recent work at The Flight Attendant is an example of the same. Aside from the other reasons he has been in the public eye, Pete Davidson is primarily known for his work on Saturday Night Live. Who knew that an unlikely pairing of these two actors would produce an endearing romance? ‘Meet Cute’, directed by Alexandre Lehmann, attempts to bring this magic to the screen. Now broadcasting on Peacock, It’s a romantic comedy movie. that uses the narrative tool of time travel.

Meet Cute (2022) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis

The film begins with Sheila (Kaley Cuoco) walking on a beautiful night in New York, where we see a collection of mundane moments around her. As she takes her drink, she walks into a bar and sees a young man sitting at the table. After a brief interaction with the bartender motivates her, she goes to talk to him. As she sits next to her, she starts off on an awkward note. She introduces herself and he introduces himself as Gary. They have a fun little chat about their old names, and after their initial bonding state, she mentions that she is a time traveler who has come to this day from the future.

He asks all the obvious questions one would ask about the future, and their interaction heads down a sweeter path. They leave the bar and start talking about themselves, and despite the informality of this conversation, they do share some of their personal details. He mentions his not so good relationship with his dead father, and she also informs him about her father’s death. On their way, they decide to go somewhere to eat where different people try to lure them to their restaurant. He jokes about him being a ‘real choice for Sophie’, and she mentions that she loves it when she makes that joke. She then takes him to a South Asian restaurant where she says that he is not from the distant future but only 24 hours later.

meet cute 2022

He finds everything funny. He shares that he is a freelance graphic designer and works mostly from home. She jokes that this is what turned him from a lonely boy to a lonely man. In the meantime, she shares her side of the story, when she walked into a nail salon to get her nails done and stumbled upon a tanning machine, which she had no idea was a time machine, until one of the employees, June ( Deborah S. Craig) mentioned it, being bought by the store owner. She asks him if that makes her seem crazy and delusional and what he finds is just cute. Then he orders both as if he has menu experience.

She tells the man outside the restaurant as they leave the restaurant that she will see him again tomorrow with exceptional ease. He talks about breaking up with an ex named Amber and they head to dessert. At a food truck, they meet a nervous teenager who tells them strange names of flavors. They get one of the ice cream cones and talk about their dysfunctional childhoods. She mentions another part of her time travel, when she traveled back and he killed himself, which he thinks is a joke. After a mistake at her table, she mentions that, “It’s okay for things to be messy sometimes,” to calm him down. As they leave, she mentions that she has already lived that very night for a week, which mystifies him. Why would anyone want to travel at the same time over and over again? It is significant for him to be able to behave however he wants and relive the night.

Once they leave, she goes through the exact process she mentioned to him of committing suicide by hitting herself with her car. At her next meeting, she seems much more self-assured and confident. During this visit, she mentions going to the nail salon with the intention of committing suicide. The same routine follows his suicide confession that they followed last time when they go to a South Asian restaurant, they share her traumas and she learns more about him. At the end of their walk, she professes her love for him, which he finds strange. She mentions that it is their five months together. Who would after just one date? She keeps trying her luck with him try after try.

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In one of the later encounters, she seems to have gotten bored of being with him or having a good time together just for one night, without driving anywhere in particular. Instead of the cheesy way her nights worked before, she tonight shows them being upset with each other. Later, she tells Anil (the man outside the restaurant) about her idea of ​​traveling back in time and changing Gary as a person, to heal his traumas or help him not go through them. Anil finds it foolish. People don’t change, he mentions it. But she decides to do it anyway.

On her 365th night with Gary, she finds him dressed in a t-shirt instead of his casual attire. She approaches him and finds him tense. Instead of the place she always takes him to, he takes her to a fancy restaurant. Even her interests and topics of conversation are very different. During her dinner, she learns that he is the founder of a new company. But when she mentions her time travel, he finds her foolish and instantly decides to leave. She catches him outside and informs him of his childhood tours, hoping to heal his trauma. She mentions that she came there as Uncle Charlie to teach her younger self some valuable lessons. She can’t understand how she ruined a precious memory of her life.

She feels that she can take the pain away from him, making all these efforts sensible. Registering her frustration with this thought, she decides to travel again to reverse her decisions. She feels that this would allow things between her and Gary to go back to the way they used to be. But June breaks her bubble, shares her own traumas and mentions how these allowed her to be the person she is today. “If you erase the pain, you erase the person,” she says.

After their talk, she returns to date night and finds casual, goofy Gary and is pleased to see the version of him she fell in love with. She mentions having deja vu about meeting her, after which they continue with her night in the ultimate version of her. The night even leads to them ending up kissing on the ferry ride. As she continues to share details of her time travel and her obsession with freezing time at her convenience, he can’t help but find him sick. As she brings up all the details about June, he decides to go back in time and try to change the past. She tries to stop him, saying that he saved her from killing herself and that he is the only thing that makes her happy. However, he himself maintains his desire to travel through time.

Meet Cute (2022) Review

A well directed New York romance with weak writing.

When I first saw the title of the movie and Pete Davidson in the lead, it instantly took me back to a snl parody, which pokes fun at the clichés of romance. What looks like a cocktail Linklater’s Before trilogy (for ruminant conversations) and Groundhog Day, ‘Meet Cute’ is a carefully directed film. It is essentially a romantic comedy that uses the elements of time travel. Alex Lehmann, who worked on heartbreaking independent films like Padelton Y blue jay, shows his knack for finding beauty in the mundane. He makes this conversational film find a lighthearted tone when needed and immerse you in the beauty of New York at night.

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The film bases its narrative on the fact that if we could travel to the past of our loved one, would we heal their traumas and try to change them as people? Sheila and Gary are involved in a series of attempts directed towards this very intent. Try to navigate if this would lead to carving out an ideal version of your partner to suit your personal interests and desires. While doing that, it also shows the replay of the same night, like Groundhog Day, where Sheila keeps trying to make it all end on a perfect note. Gary, as she mentions, is the only reason that stops him from wanting to end her life.

However, the way its Noga Pnueli-penned script marries obsessive infatuation with traumatic bonding feels bland. A bond formed by such conditions does not sound like a healthy relationship, even when the director’s skill and execution make it seem like a genuinely romantic story. So the film falters as it begins to show cracks in his writing. On top of that, Kaley Cuoco’s acting seems exaggerated, like the animated gestures that she is used to in her comedy career. Some of the crucial moments in the film lose their impact for the same reason.

June’s insistent attempt to try out different possibilities of how her life will turn out reminded me the recent postmodern series, The Rehearsal. However, unlike the Nathan Fielder series, what Meet Cute’s script accomplishes is only a cursory exploration of their respective lives and traumas. He does not delve into what caused them and is limited to a few mere mentions of traumatic events. The dialogue also shows a shallow understanding of what the characters are going through, which makes the film end in a zone of cloying romance despite the insertion of skepticism from its characters. Someone who understands you or stays with you can make your life bearable. However, making a trauma-based bond seem like the glee of soulmates feels pretty silly.

Meet Cute (2022) Ending Explained

After their date ends, Gary walks to the beauty salon where June works and asks her about the time machine. She lets him go back in time, where he reached Sheila’s childhood when she was little. He sees signs of irresponsible parenting in her life, but tries to calm her down when she gets stressed out about her. He assumes her push would solve all his problems, but finds out from June that he just missed Sheila, who didn’t seem to be any better. He thanks June for the months of providing her service and mentions her being tired by her insistent attempts. He goes to the bridge, where she plans to kill herself.

As he tries to save her from doing it, she can’t think of any reason to go in the next day. Even when she tries to get him to leave, he stays with her and mentions that he’ll be there all night if he needs to. He says that June helped him see the future, which is great and involves her, unlike what she assumes. He walks off the bridge when she asks him for a test, certain that she will follow him. And she does. They go for a walk again, but only this time they enter the future together.

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