Matt Eberflus: Bears need to show passion and emotion in games

A lot of things went wrong in the Bears’ loss to the Packers on Sunday Night Football, so coaches and players will be busy correcting a lot of things this week, before hosting the Texans in Week 3. But after reviewing the tape , Matt Eberflus believes that the Bears will have to correct something that has nothing to do with Xs and Os, or technique.

“We have to see performance for what it is,” Eberflus said. “The tricky thing about football is that there is emotion involved in it. There is intensity involved in it. So you have to have that. You can’t be a robot. We have to have passion and emotion within the game.”

After the opening stages of the game, the Packers began to get into a groove. From then on, it seemed like the Bears players were moving in slow motion as the Packers flew past them, both on offense and defense. There was not the same intensity or urgency that we saw in Week 1.

In his post-game press conference, Eberflus said he wanted his players to feel the bad feelings of losing under his 24-hour rule, just as he wanted them to enjoy the good vibes of a Week 1 victory during 24 hours.

“When you have adversity like this, it hurts and it hurts,” Eberflus said after the match. “You have to absorb that.”

Of course, the Bears have technical issues that they’ll have to work out as well. There were missed tackles all over the field. Players were taking bad chase angles and sometimes not following their assignments. Eberflus said the fundamental things he and his coaching staff have been teaching since Day 1 need to improve. Eberflus also said that he believes his defense can bounce back quickly.

“It’s about the fundamentals of it, but more importantly, or just as important, it’s about determination,” Eberflus said. “It’s about the forward seven really committing, the linebackers and the D line and the secondary, committing to not giving up the big play in the running game.”

It’s only been two games, but we can clearly see how the Bears can write a win. They must play fair game and must play complementary football. When the defense gives the offense a field position advantage, the offense can capitalize on points. But to give the defense an advantage, they must stop the run, as Eberflus said. When the Bears manage to get their opponents into third-down situations, their pass rush has been able to deliver with a key rush or a sack, for the most part. When they are in 3rd and short distance situations, it is more difficult for them to get off the field. They’ve generally allowed opponents to convert 50% of their third downs, and that’s too much for any team, let alone a team struggling offensively.

We’ll see if they can make the necessary changes, both from a technical standpoint and from a passion standpoint, to get back in the win column against the Texans.

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