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city ​​mapper

Easily navigate Manchester with turn-by-turn directions, covering all modes of transport, live and up-to-date information and multiple route options.

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Cycling is probably the fastest way to get around Manchester, and one of the healthiest! You’ll see yellow bikes docked all over Manchester, including on campus and in Fallowfield. You can hire them from just 0.05 cents a minute through the Beryl app.

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you are going to be spending Quite a lot of time on Oxford Road for the next few years, and it is one of the busiest bus routes in Europe. Stagecoach operates most of the buses and their app allows you to see the buses on a live map, plan your trip and buy mobile tickets.

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Uber Y Screw

Taking a taxi in the UK is more expensive than public transport, but if you’re coming back from a night out or find yourself in an unfamiliar place, taking an Uber or Bolt may be the easiest way to get home. Sometimes it can also be cheaper to split a taxi between you if you are traveling in a group.

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save money

Unidays and Student Beans

Access free discount codes, food discounts and shopping deals on your favorite brands, all exclusively for students. You will need to have set up your University ID to gain access.

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Of pop Y vintage

These can buy and sell clothes and accessories, helping you make money, get a deal and be better for the planet by supporting more sustainable fashion.

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At OLIO you will find millions of people giving away food and other household items to their neighbors, all for free. This includes Pret on campus and some Tesco stores throughout the city.

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too good to go

Every day fresh and delicious food and drink is thrown away in cafes, restaurants and hotels across Manchester, simply because it hasn’t been sold in time. Too Good To Go allows you to buy and collect these foods, at a significantly reduced price, to prevent them from going to waste. There are many vendors on campus, town center and Fallowfield offering bags of food from £2.

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Deliveroo, uber eats Y just east

If you’re feeling boujie and want to treat yourself to a takeaway, these are your favorite apps in Manchester. Options range from cheap, greasy food to high-quality restaurant meals. Deliveroo and Uber Eats also offer grocery delivery from local supermarkets, although there’s a big markup compared to shopping in person.

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Head space Y Calm

Headspace and Calm focus on mindfulness and meditation, providing unique tools and resources to help reduce stress, build resilience, and help you sleep better. They both contain paid features, but the free versions are also useful.

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Safe zone

SafeZone is our app designed to give you added peace of mind on city campuses or living in accommodation. The SafeZone app is free to download and easy to use. You can use it to “Check In” at any time of the day, request assistance quickly and discreetly, whether it’s for first aid or in an emergency, and stay up to date as notifications are sent directly to your phone if there is an incident . installations.

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