Madame Web Movie’s ‘Unique’ Plot Hosted by Marvel Star Emma Roberts

Weather Morbius may have done a poor job of getting the world hyped for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, the studio is moving forward with its plans. First, there is kraven the hunterand after that it will be lady web.

While it’s easier to imagine what a Kraven movie would look like, figuring out a Madame Web-centric project is a much more difficult feat. While plot information is all speculation at this point, all that’s really known, with a dose of speculation, is cast information.

Currently, Dakota Johnson is believed to be playing the original Madame Web, aka. Cassandra Webb. Then there’s Sydney Sweeney, who is reportedly playing Julia Carpenter, and Celeste O’Connor, who is said to be playing Mattie Franklin.

But one of the biggest questions is, who will Emma Roberts play? Although the actress does not have the answer for the world, she was able to at least provoke what she expects from the public.

Sony weaves a unique story

Emma Roberts

In an interview with Entertainment Online, lady web Star Emma Roberts has teased her time in the upcoming Sony Pictures Spider-Man spinoff movie.

Roberts wouldn’t say much, but he let slip that he would be “I’ll be back to shoot some more scenes soon:”

“I can tell you that I’m in LA right now, but I’ll be back soon to shoot some more scenes, so we’ll have to see…it’s been a lot of fun.”

The actress continued, explaining how she was “So excited to be able to join the cast,” that includes Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney, and that both the cast and the story are “unique:”

“I have to say that I was very excited to be able to join the cast. I love Dakota Johnson. I love Sydney Sweeney. It’s a really unique cast and story, so I’m really excited. It’s been so much fun working with everyone… I can’t wait for everyone to see it, really, because it’s so cool.”

In a previous interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Roberts shared how she “I grew up watching Marvel movies” and that she has always wanted to be a part of “something larger than life itself:”

“Oh my God. I grew up watching Marvel movies and superheroes are the best thing there is. So I just dreamed of being able to be a part of something bigger than life itself. And that’s what I feel like I’m being a part of with Madame Web”.

as for lady webhere is the synopsis that Sony Pictures previously released to the public:

“The film will be an origin story of the clairvoyant [Madame Web]whose psychic abilities allow him to see into the world of spiders.”

So what is Madame Web really about?

So what story could this mysterious lady web be trying to say? Seeing as both Sweeney and O’Connor were variations of Spider-Woman, the titular character could be teaming up to take on a major threat.

In the comics, Madame Web assembles a team of Spider-Woman when she tries to take down her granddaughter, a villain, who goes by the name Charolette Witter.

Could Roberts potentially be playing Witter? That particular puzzle piece would fit right in with everything known so far. With all the previous hints of Spider-Man in various set photos, perhaps Witter is trying to kill a baby Peter Parker before he can fulfill his destiny as Spidey.

If she’s not a villain, there’s always the possibility that Emma Roberts is playing Jessica Drew, the more popular version of Spider-Woman. However, it is rumored that Marvel Studios could be involved in an adaptation with the character, so it could debunk that particular theory.

Sadly, fans will have to wait for more information to find out how it all fits together. Hopefully, that can happen sooner rather than later.

lady web It will be released in theaters on October 6, 2023.

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