Ma Dong Seok Reveals There Are Nearly 8 Scripts In The Plans For The “Outlaws” Franchise

Actor Ma Dong Seok has revealed that the “Outlaws” film franchise will continue through its eighth installment.

On May 24, during an interview for the film “The Roundup: No Way Out” (directed by Lee Sang Yong) set in Seoul’s Jongno-gu, Ma Dong Seok expressed his thoughts as an actor and franchise series creator.

Opening on the 31st, the film “The Roundup: No Way Out” follows the thrilling crime-fighting operation of irreplaceable monster detective Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok) as he moves to Seoul’s Gwangsu Street to capture Joo Sungchul. (Lee Joon Hyuk), the mastermind behind a new drug crime, and Ricky (Akio Otsuka), another villain involved in the drug case.

Ma Dong Seok not only delivers a compelling performance as the face of the franchise as Ma Seok Do, but also plays a role as a creator involved in script planning and casting. He revealed, “I am currently working on the script for Outlaws 5 and 6. I am also waiting for the opportunity to shoot a Hollywood movie. When asked about ‘Eternals,’ he mentioned, “I have a contract to shoot three movies over ten years. It could be ‘Eternals 2’, step into a different world, become a solo movie, or even become a drama on Disney+.” hinting at future projects.

Ma Dong Seok previously stated that the “Outlaws” franchise would continue through its eighth installment. In this regard, he said, “Franchise movies are a filmmaker’s dream. I felt the same way. That’s why I’m trying and striving to develop it.” expressing their enthusiasm.

He continued, “Like the ‘Fast & Furious’ or ‘007’ series, there can come a point where an installment lacks emotion. However, franchise movies have their own advantages. Since the audience is already familiar with the world, we can provide less explanation.” He explained.

Ma Dong Seok mentioned that there are more than 50 cases he heard from real detectives, but after careful selection, eight stories suitable for action were chosen. He revealed, “We have completed the synopsis of all eight films.”

When asked if the character Ma Seok Do will appear throughout the franchise, he replied: “Most likely it will appear in all eight installments, but various combinations can be formed.” added, “There may be versions set in foreign countries or spin-off stories. Hollywood studios are interested in the outlaw franchise as well, so discussions continue. We are also considering creating a Hollywood version.” He concluded.

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