Lupita Nyong’o pays tribute to Chadwick Boseman, marking two years since beloved actor’s death

Lupita Nyong’o is honoring the memory of her late co-star Chadwick Boseman.

The beloved Boseman is the subject of a video Nyong’o, 39, posted to his Instagram on Sunday. The actor died on this day in August 2020 at the age of 43 from colon cancer. Fans around the world were shocked and saddened by the news. The Marvel star kept his diagnosis private.

“Chadwick, what are you doing?” Nyong’o asked in the IG video, showing Boseman with a Sharpie in hand.

“I’m signing tickets. I signed someone’s shoes there…” he said. The late actor joked that he signed “a pair of Jordans,” even though he didn’t play basketball.

In the video, a crowd of fans surrounded Boseman in a movie theater, and Nyong’o asked behind the camera, “Why do you think they asked you?”

“I dont know!” Boseman responded. “I have no idea.”

Nyong’o’s post caption reads “She stayed real, she stayed nice,” in a tribute to her co-star.

Winston Duke, who also stars in the Black Panther movies, commented, “An incredibly generous man…always sharing, helping, giving and loving…ugh…my heart…I missed Ure beyond words.” , my brother… Love, love! Thank you, Lupita for posting our treasure… man oh man!! ??????”

Letitia Wright, who played Boseman’s character’s sister in the Marvel movies, also commented with three heart emojis.

The new installment of the Black Panther story titled Wakanda Forever will be released in November. Without Boseman, Nyong’o said, it was a challenge. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter at San Diego Comic-Con in July, the actress opened up about filming the highly anticipated sequel to 2018’s Black Panther after the loss of Boseman.

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Even though it was “a few years for everyone,” Nyong’o told THR she was proud they got to make the film, calling the act “a powerful statement in and of itself.”

“It was very therapeutic,” he said. “It gave me back a sense of hope by doing it, and I think we’ve expanded the world of Wakanda in ways that are going to surprise people, not just Wakanda, but the world of Black Panther. It’s going to surprise people, and I just can’t wait until it’s no longer a secret.

In July, Marvel released the first trailer for Wakanda Forever. Nyong’o’s character, Nakia, is the first to appear on screen, followed by Wright’s appearances as Shuri in an all-white outfit and, later, in tearful beach scenes.

A synopsis for the film states that the characters “must fight to protect their nation from the world powers that intervene following the death of King T’Challa”.

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