Lucky 7 standings after week 2 and week 3 games

  • Southwest Onslow Northern Guilford West Johnston Athens Drive Western Alamance Goldsboro Clayton Hillside Raegan Morehead North Eastern Wake Forest pts 49
    SB chooses West Charlotte Hickory Ridge West Stanky

  • Southwest Onslow, North Guilford, West Johnston, Cary, West Alamance, South Wayne, Clayton, Hillside, Reagan, Morehead, JH Rose, Wake Forest

    Bonus: 32

    Super Bonus: Independence, Hickory Ridge, Mount Pleasant

  • mowerplus01,
    I have it. Thanks.

  • Sorry, I probably made it a bit confusing, it wasn’t designed the way I thought it would be when I wrote it.

  • is at the bottom after 37 bonus points

  • Southwest Onslow, East Alamance, Grays Creek, Cary, West Alamance, South Wayne, Clayton, Hillside, Myers Park, Morehead, Northeast, Wake Forest

    BONUS: 30

    SUPER BONUS: Independence, Hickory Ridge, Mount Pleasant

  • mowerplus01,
    He did NOT make a choice for the following 2 games:

    Athens Drive @ Cary
    East Guilford @ West Alamance

    Please make a choice for these 2 games.

  • I have the Wake Forest game listed backwards. The game should be Hoggard @ Wake Forest.
    Thank you Brandon Hodge. If someone who has made her picks wants to change her pick for this game, please leave a message here.

  • Southwest Onslow
    Guilford North
    western johnston
    southern wayne
    Reagan Morehead JHRose Wake Forest (37) bonus points Athens Drive Western Alamance. Super Bond (West Charlotte) (Hickory Ridge) (Mount Pleasant)

  • SW Onlent. North Guildford. West Johnson. cary
    Western Alaska. Goldsboro. Clayton. Hillside. Regan. Northeast Guilford. JH Rose. Wake Forest. Total points 35
    Charlotte West. Porter Ridge. mount nice

  • Hoggard is playing in Wake Forest.

  • The only choice I am choosing at the moment is west of Johnston on Grays Creek BIG

  • WEEK 3 games (1 point) White Oak @ Southwest Onslow, Eastern Alamance @ Northern Guilford,
    West Johnston at Grays Creek, Athens Drive at Cary, Eastern Guilford at Western Alamance,
    Goldsboro in South Wayne, Wakefield in Clayton, Hillside in Dudley, Myers Park in Reagan,
    Northeast Guilford @ Morehead, Northeast @ JH Rose, Wake Forest @ Hoggard

    BONUS (1 point) Total points scored in the Wake Forest @ Hoggard game.

    SUPER BONUS (2 points) You must guess ALL 3 games correctly to receive 2 SUPER BONUS POINTS:
    West of Charlotte in Independence, Hickory Ridge in Porter Ridge, West of Stanly in Mount Pleasant

    Good luck to you all. Continue playing even if you are a few points behind. There are LOTS of points left in the next 15 weeks.

  • 1.piratefball172 19pts 2.grasscuttersplus01 18pts 3.heater32 17pts 4.newbernbears, RD28327,
    elem-teach, dpopeatgolfersway, budmeister 15pts 9.tarheelg61581, brucejhines, lebowski18,
    jboogie2292, gold3, boxman, kevykev 14pts 16.bcd3, aii3752, brandon hodge, 3forme, old dog,
    cardinalgibbons2007 13pts 22.redandwhite0095, warriorpop, scotswin 11pts
    25.rstephenson002 10 points 26.mugsy5m 8 points

    Congratulations to tarheelg61581 for guessing 9 out of 12 games correct this week. heater32,
    lebowski18 and 3forme received 1 EXTRA POINT each this week. red and white0095,
    jboogie2292, grasscuttersplus01, piratefball172, newbernbears, elem-teach, and bcd3 received 2 BONUS SUPER POINTS this week.

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