Los Angeles tattoo icon Mister Cartoon opens his first solo art exhibition – Archyworldys

Los Angeles tattoo icon Mister Cartoon is opening “Just My Imagination,” his debut solo show at Beyond the Streets & Control Gallery. It works from June 10 to July 15. (Photo courtesy of Beyond the Streets)

He is a Los Angeles icon and a world-renowned tattoo artist whose work has gone beyond the skin and has been featured in group shows in art galleries around the world.

Now Mister Cartoon, born Mark Machado, is celebrating his home and local roots with his first solo show in the city where he was born and raised.

“It is my command that we do it here first. The city is very important to me,” Cartoon said a few days before the opening of “Just My Imagination” at Beyond the Streets & Control Gallery. It opens on Saturday June 10 and will run until Saturday July 15.

“You are going to see a new work of mine that no one has seen before, not even my friends have seen it,” he added.

Original artwork in the show exemplifies the Los Angeles lowrider lifestyle, Chicano culture, and the fine line black and gray tattoo style that was born in prisons and elevated by talented artists like Cartoon.

“I’m painting for myself and my peers, it’s my part to leave a mark on our culture or try to contribute to our culture,” he said.

The show includes drawings and airbrush work using automotive paint on various canvases, including handmade metal. While he has shown his work in many group shows before, it has taken him so long to present his own solo show in Los Angeles because he is a busy working artist.

“I have never filled an entire gallery on my own. It takes a lot of work to fill a gallery and I’m a commercial artist, and you have to work 9 to 5,” Cartoon said.