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By journalist Ms. Jones

FRESH MEADOWS – Montgomery’s own David Quinones premiered his new movie, “Love”…Falling Is The Easy Part,” on Saturday, August 27. Well, he’s actually from Brooklyn (Red Hook Projects), but he’s been living in Montgomery for the last four years because he likes “farmland.” David began his cinematic journey in 2001 creating, together with Jonathan Hall and IMOK Enterprises, the documentary “Heart Of The Brooklyn Sound”. The documentary charts the formation of gospel music from the 1970s to the early 2000s from its beginnings in Brooklyn.

“That was what started me. The documentary… That was what sparked my interest in making movies,” Quiñones said.

Quinones premiered her new film, “Love… Falling Is The Easy Part” with her partners Clyde Salliey and John Arrington with their production companies Reel Block Pictures, Inc. and Select House Pictures, Inc. It stars Tashan Steven Muldrow as the lead male playing “Mason”. Amber Miller Moore plays “Brooklyn,” the female lead.

“A synopsis of the film [is] two people…fall…in love…that’s the easy part…they enjoy each other and then of course as time goes by we start to see that not everything is what it seems, which is very [much] based on reality. You learn as individuals the things that you like, the things that you don’t like… Throughout the movie, we have to find out if they make it… if they can overcome the obstacles and the things that they’re learning. this journey called love,” said Miller Moore, whose character “Brooklyn” works all the time and climbs the corporate ladder and her man “Mason” doesn’t like because he’s a successor to generational wealth who doesn’t enjoy being alone.

Tashan Steven Muldrow plays the male lead
Tashan Steven Muldrow stars as the male lead “Mason,” while Amber Miller Moore stars as “Brooklyn,” the female lead in “Love… Falling Is The Easy Part.”

No movie is complete without a comic partner. Ashford J. Thomas fills those shoes. He plays “Rico” – another obstacle.

“As a single… I think a brother should stay single. He should be living better than he is. She is beautiful and all that. I’m just educating the young. She needs to get out there and spread her wings a little bit,” said Thomas, who plays “Rich”, who hates the relationship of “Mason” and “Brooklyn”, encouraging “Mason” to “play the field”.

Not only did the movie open on Saturday, but there was also a red carpet movie premiere at the Bombay Theater in Fresh Meadows. Following the premiere there was a question and answer session with the cast and crew, a networking party, and an after party. The film is available in various places.

“‘Love… Falling is The Easy Part’ is available on Amazon Prime… We’re launching a movie app, like Netflix and Hulu… ‘Love…’ will be viewable on our app called Reel House Pix “. said Quiñones who is also working to get it on Hulu and Tubi.

Quiñones and his partners have other projects in the works. They are already working on their next project.

“We’re going to go into pre-production on a movie called ‘The Quarantine Hustle’… It’s a comedy… We already have the script… We’re probably going to start casting and looking for locations,” Quiñones said. see Actors Access, Backstage and Casting Networks for casting information.

Journalist Mrs. Jones

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