Live At The Los Angeles Forum Trailer Brings The Comedian Back

Netflix has revealed a new trailer for Jo Koy: Live at the Los Angeles Forum, a new original comedy special starring the beloved comedian. The special will be released this month and marks the fourth collaboration between Koy and Netflix.

While the new trailer keeps the new jokes Koy prepared for the comedy special under wraps, we can already tell that the comedian will once again explore his own life and family relationships in Jo Koy: Live at the Los Angeles Forum. In the trailer we can already see Koy joking about how fast the media has changed, creating a generation gap in the use of technology. While kids are used to downloading 4K movies in less than a minute, some of us still remember the pain of fighting for the few copies of a movie at a rental store to watch the latest releases. So while the trailer only gives us a glimpse of the special, we can already tell that it’s going to be another hilarious comedy show from Koy.


Jo Koy: Live at the Los Angeles Forum It is the comedian’s first collaboration with Netflix since 2020. in its elements. The comedian also appears in Netflix originals. coming hot Y live from seattle.

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live from seattle It remains one of Koy’s favorite shows to this day as he revealed that it was the hardest comedy special he has ever recorded. Koy used his own money to fund the special after even Netflix turned it down. However, after the show proved successful, the streaming platform purchased the exclusivity rights and began their long and profitable partnership. Speaking to Collider about his early career, Koy said:

“That [Live from Seatle] It was my heart, my everything because I wore all the hats. The risk was extremely high and the reward was zero because no one wanted it. And even though everyone said no. And I mean, everyone. They all said no, they didn’t want my special and I didn’t care. And my manager and I decided to film it, and we used our money.”

Jo Koy: Live at the Los Angeles Forum is led by Shannon Hartman. The comedy special is executive produced by Koy, Hartman, joe melocheY Michelle Caputo. Jo Koy: Live at the Los Angeles Forum arrives on Netflix on September 13. Check out the new trailer and synopsis for the comedy special below.

Returning to Netflix for her fourth original special, Jo Koy takes the stage at the iconic Los Angeles Forum. True to form, Jo raves about her relationship with her teenage son and shares the struggles of living with sleep apnea and more.

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