Live-Action Little Mermaid’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Drops Just Below Mulan Remake

The Rotten Tomatoes score for The little Mermaid The remake falls slightly under another Disney live-action remake, mulan. The little Mermaid reimagines the beloved Disney animated film for live action. Considering that the original is perceived as a classic by many who grew up with it, anticipation has been high for the new film with Halle Bailey as Ariel. Early reactions have praised Bailey’s portrayal of Ariel, but some are commenting that the new remake isn’t as memorable and suffers from CGI issues.


As of this writing, The little MermaidThe Rotten Tomatoes score sits at 71 percent, just below live action. mulan72 percent. The score is based on 153 reviews posted so far, so while the score may fluctuate slightly, it’s likely to stay in the low 70s. By comparison, the original animation The little Mermaid it has a high 92 percent, with 73 reviews. The little MermaidRotten Tomatoes is also linked with another Disney remake, 2017. Beauty and the Beast.

What The Little Mermaid’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Says About The Movie

A composite image of Halle Bailey from The Little Mermaid

The live action remake of The little Mermaid has received much controversial criticism in the week leading up to its release. While many reviews praise Bailey’s performance and her chemistry with Jonah Hauer-King’s Prince Eric, some also criticize the remake’s changes to the original animated film. A major point of contention for CGI seems to be the realistic depictions of animal characters like Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle.

Despite criticism from The little Mermaid, its Rotten Tomatoes score is still fresh, meaning the film hasn’t been critically panned. However, The little MermaidDisney’s score does not match Disney’s live-action remakes. Cinderella (83 percent) or the jungle book (92 percent). While some changes to the live action version, such as cutting songs from The little Mermaidgives the remake its own identity, it doesn’t seem like those changes helped the film get a more favorable reception.

While The little Mermaid It may not be the perfect remake, Bailey’s performance and the expansion of Prince Eric’s story seem to have earned it some praise. It’s also unlikely that the film’s Rotten Tomatoes score will change the minds of viewers who are looking forward to the film. Although it has received some criticism, The little Mermaid it still retains a fresh score, which could be enough to do well at the box office and garner better responses from the audience.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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