Little Alchemy 2: How to make Farmer [SOLVED]

In Little Alchemy 2, players can create over 700 items. Each of these elements contains a short and fun description. Once you start progressing further in this game try to find more items. You can make your planet, sun and much more. Today we will learn how to create a farmer in Little Alchemy 2. The farmer is just as important as other items in the game and you will learn more about him as you read this guide.

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Ways to make Farmer in Little Alchemy 2

Farmers are the basic need of our society. They help produce different fruits and vegetables that we eat. Not only that, farmers raise cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens that we eat regularly.

Little Alchemy 2 adds farmers to its list of items and teaches young players about their importance. You can turn a farmer into other things, like a farm, a dog, a gardener, a beekeeper, or even an idea. Since you can get so many new items with Farmer in this game, why not do it?

There are different ways to make a farmer, but the recipe mentioned here requires a Human and a Plow. Before learning a farmer’s recipe, you need to unlock both recipes.

human recipe

A human is one of many essential items in the game. You cannot make a farmer without a human element in Little Alchemy 2. You will receive additional instructions on how to make a farmer after this step. However, if you have already unlocked Human, skip this part.

To make a Human, put Clay and Life together. The easiest and shortest recipes for each are below:

  • Add soil to water = mud
  • Combining air and air = pressure
  • Earth and Pressure = Stone
  • Mix stone and mud = Clay
  • Addition of water + water = puddle
  • Put water in puddle = pond
  • Put pond in water = lake
  • Mixing Fire with Earth = Lava
  • Add Lava to the Sea = Primordial Soup
  • Lava with Earth = Volcano
  • Arming Volcano with Primordial Soup = Life

To learn more about Life and its uses in the game, read about How to make Life in Little Alchemy 2.

The last action to take to make a Human is to put Life and Clay together, and you will get a Human.

make human in Little Alchemy 2.
The human element is used to perform different professions.

The Human, like other items in Little Alchemy 2, is not the final stage. You can turn a human into different professions in life. Humans can turn other items into useful everyday things. Take a look at our Little Alchemy 2 Human guide.

There is also more than one recipe for making humans, which you can always try for fun and curiosity.

  • Tool + Animal = Human
  • Tool + Monkey = Human
  • Time + Animal = Human
  • Time + Monkey = Human

These four item combinations can make a human, but sometimes a human item is required to make some of these items. For example:

  • Human + Metal = Tool
  • Human + Wood = Tool

plow recipe

Plow in Little Alchemy 2 does limited things, Field is one of them and Farmer is another. Although Plow emits only two more items, both items are a huge part of the game.

The easiest way to make Farmer is to add a Plow in the Human element. Plowing is part of farming, so mixing humans with Plow to get Farmer makes sense. Follow this recipe to require a plow:

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone
  • Fire + Stone = Metal
  • Earth + Metal = Plow

making farmer

Once you have the human element and plow ready, you can make a farmer. For that, combine both.

making farmer item in Little Alchemy 2.
Farmer is created by combining Plow and Human.

Other Farmer Recipes

There are several other recipes to achieve the Farmer item. But a human element is needed for each farmer’s recipe, so make sure you get it beforehand. At the same time, Plow can be swapped out with another item and still get a Farmer. These items are listed below for anyone interested in trying them out.

  • Plant + Human = Farmer
  • Trident + Human = Farmer
  • Orchard + Human = Farmer
  • Grass + Human = Farmer
  • Barn + Human = Farmer
  • Field + Human = Farmer

farmer uses

Farmer is one of the 720 items in the game. Which means more can be used to create a lot of unique items. Just like in the real world, where a farmer helps with farming and people’s progress, a farmer also plays a very important role in the game.

Here is a list of some items that you can unlock with the help of a farmer:

  • Farmer + Farmer = Idea
  • Wolf + Farmer = Dog
  • Pitchfork + Farmer = Hay
  • Grass + Farmer = Hay
  • Cow + Farmer = Milk
  • Goat + Farmer = Milk
  • Bee + Farmer = Beekeeper
  • Beehive + Farmer = Beekeeper
  • House + Farmer = Farm
  • Barn + Farmer = Farm
  • Container + Farmer = Farm
  • Garden + Farmer = Gardener
  • Grass + Farmer = Wheat
  • Wagon + Farmer = Tractor

Last words

This guide covers everything you need to learn about How to Create a Farmer in Little Alchemy 2. Farmers aren’t just important in real life, they’re important in the game as well. They will help young players learn about the importance of being a farmer. It tells them that if there were no farmers, what important foods would we lack?

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