Keanu Reeves will appear in Ballerina, the John Wick spin-off of Ana de Armas

John Wick: Chapter 4 is right around the corner with a March 2023 release date and a fifth installment is reportedly already in the works. But that just isn’t enough John Wick for the world’s taste, as multiple spin-offs are in the works.

The action franchise became one of our most unlikely adrenaline-pumping stalwarts after its first outing, a humble tale about a former assassin (played by Keanu Reeves) seeking to avenge his dead dog, spawned in a killing spree phenomenon. emotions, with his last excursion, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum grossing over $300 million worldwide. Not much of a feat for a franchise in the 2010s without an existing IP, but now it’s spawning its own web of side stories, including a movie starring Ana de Armas. Here’s everything we know about Dancer.

who will star Dancer?

Fresh off her Oscar-winning performance in the divisive Marilyn Monroe movie BlondAna de Armas will dust off her pointe shoes to star Dancer. It was also confirmed this week that Keanu Reeves will appear in the film as John Wick, naturally, though it’s unclear in what capacity. Whether it will be a lead role or a cameo to connect this new era of spin-offs remains to be seen. After Reeves exited the highly anticipated Devil in the White City Earlier this month, there was speculation as to whether his role in this franchise took precedence. Elsewhere, it has also been confirmed that Ian McShane will reprise his role from the original. john wick franchise. He plays Winston, the manager of The Continental, a hitman hotel for killers. Len Wiseman (from Underworld fame) will also be in command of the direction.

What is Dancer on?

Until now, plot details for Ballerina have been kept firmly under wraps, though a loose synopsis hints at a story about a young woman who uses her murderous skills to get revenge when her family is murdered by hit men. At this point, it may not even be safe to assume that those killer skills involve ballet at all. It is also unknown where in the timeline of john wick this film is located either near the beginning of the franchise in 2014 or between its third and upcoming fourth installments. The film is currently in production in Prague, with de Armas and Reeves on set.

Is there a trailer for Dancer?

Not yet! and it could still be a while as production has only just begun. Until then, you can appreciate this tease by John Wick: Chapter 4which will hit our screens in March.


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Is this the only John Wick spin-off?

Nope! The world of John Wick bears abundant fruit as a spin-off series based on Ian McShane’s character, Winston, and his early years. He called the mainlandthe series will be set in the 1970s and will follow the formation of the killer’s resting place that has become a staple in the john wick franchise. Mel Gibson will play a new character named Cormac, while Colin Woodell and Ayomide Adegun will play younger versions of Winston and Charon (played by The wire‘s Lance Reddick in the franchise). While the series was initially set to premiere this year, its release date has been pushed back to 2023. It will air on Peacock in the US.

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