Jen goes to a wedding; But no daredevil in sight

She-Hulk Lawyer Episode 5 is titled ‘Just Jen’ and is about 28 minutes long. The episode is directed by Anu Valia and written by Kara Brown. The synopsis for the episode reads: “Jen is a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding, a stressful event compounded by She-Hulk’s unique issues.”

In the previous episode, we saw that Titania has registered the name she-hulk for a new line of beauty products, which infuriates Walters. Holliway warns Walters that she must deal with the situation quickly and assigns Mallory Book as his attorney on the case.

-She-Hulk Attorney at Law episode 6 review contains some spoilers-

Ramos and Pug devise a plan to acquire a superhero suit for Walters from Luke Jacobson, a highly exclusive tailor who provides underground services for heroes, while Book and Walters counter-sue Titania, claiming she is illegally exploiting She-Hulk’s fame to profit.

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Walters is upset to discover that Todd, one of her failed dates, is also a client of her company, but it helps her realize that she can use her dating app history to establish a past record of her ID as she-hulk before Titania tried to get the trademark. Using testimonials from his past dates, Walters wins the case and establishes a tentative friendship with Book. He later acquires his new custom outfits from Jacobson.

Newly acquired flowy dresses, Jen is excited to be a bridesmaid at her friend Lulu’s wedding. But at one point, when she really comes off as her green self, her friend rejects her for taking the spotlight from her on her girlfriend’s big day. This episode, like its title, is about Jen outside of her job.

She-Hulk Lawyer Episode 6
Still from She-Hulk Attorney at Law Episode 6

However, her friends treat her with indifference, burdening her with numerous pre-wedding duties, such as cleaning and ironing clothes. And things get even more complicated when Titania shows up at the scene. Though it’s obvious that Titania wouldn’t be here without an ulterior motive, like destroying She-Hulk, but no one believes Jen.

The episode takes a typical superhero movie plot twist, where a nerdy, lonely person discovers some superpowers and becomes popular, but his personal reputation remains the same. In this case, Jen is realizing how differently she is treated as she puts on her true self and other times as She-Hulk. If the angst of the last episode wasn’t enough, being ignored by her friends has gotten to the point.

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Meanwhile, in the last episode, we saw Nikki going shopping with Pug. In episode 6, we see her interacting with Mallory Book, as they work on a rather unique divorce case. Now that Jen is on friendly terms with Book and Nikki has also reached out to her, we may see the trio working together in upcoming episodes.

She-Hulk Attorney at Law Episode 6 Review
Still from She-Hulk Attorney at Law Episode 6

We meet Craig Hollis aka Mr Immortal and his numerous marital problems in the episode. This also leads our attorneys to an online forum called intelligence, where they discover something very disturbing about her friend Jen Walters, who poses a threat to her safety and her life.

Final Thoughts: She-Hulk Attorney at Law Episode 6

With the exciting tease at the end of episode 5, I think many expected Daredevil to make an appearance on the show. With the premise of the wedding, he was likely to be introduced, but we got to see more of Titania and her embarrassing fight with She-Hulk. Also, after the attack by the masked men, we finally got to see some snippets of what they might be up to.

It looks like Jen is up for a big fight in the next episode, as she might take on the enemies who want to collect her blood and possibly damage her more. Who is behind them remains a mystery as Bruce is also out of touch something big will come up in the last few episodes of this Marvel series.

She-Hulk’s Lawyer airs on Disney+ Hotstar.

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