Jaicy Elliot, Ryan Rottman and others to star in Hallmark Christmas movie

Hallmark’s New Christmas Movie, Christmas of my southern family, will air on the channel on Thursday, November 24, 2022. The film revolves around a journalist who sets out to cover a Christmas story in Louisiana, where she unexpectedly meets her estranged father. Here’s the official synopsis for the movie, according to the Hallmark Channel:

“When invited to cover a Christmas celebration of Peter Noel in Louisiana, Campbell, a journalist meets her estranged father and his new family for the first time.”

The movie features Jaicy Elliot and Ryan Rottman in the lead roles, along with many others playing key supporting roles. Christmas of my southern family It is directed by Emily Moss Wilson and written by Wilson and Alys Murray.

by Hallmark Christmas of my southern family cast: Jaicy Elliot and others promise a moving watch

1) Jaicy Elliott as Campbell Wallace

Christmas of my southern family stars Jaicy Elliot in the title role as a journalist named Campbell Wallace. Elliot looks lovely in the official preview of the film as she convincingly portrays the many conflicting emotions and thoughts of his character. Fans can look forward to a memorable performance from the actress.

Apart from Christmas of my southern familyElliot is known for her performance in stylish romance, in which she played the role of Ella. She also appeared in Grey’s Anatomy Y station 19.

2) Ryan Rottman as Jackson Shepherd

Actor Ryan Rottman plays the character of Jackson Shepherd in the upcoming Hallmark Christmas movie. Rottman appears briefly in the preview for the film, and while not many details are known about his character at this time, viewers can expect him to play a crucial role in the story. The actor has previously appeared in various films such as christmas forever, christmas wonderland, Sister-in-law, Billionaire Boys Cluband many more.

3) Brian McNamara as Gary Wallace

Brian McNamara plays the role of Gary Wallace in Christmas of my southern family. McNamara appears in the preview for the film, and while not many details are revealed about his role, based on the trailer, it appears that McNamara is playing Elliot’s father in the film. Brian McNamara is best known for starring in movies like Christmas in Louisiana, christmas in hometownY the wedding is repeatedto name a few.

In addition to the actors mentioned above, the film features several others in prominent supporting/key roles, including:

  • Moira Kelly as Jennifer Bergeron
  • Anniston Almond as Amelia
  • Adeleine Jubilee Whittle as Mary Margaret
  • Katie Hughey as Sarah Wallace
  • Gralen Banks as Mayor Thomas
  • Samantha Smith as Maria
  • Sarah Fisher as Journalist
  • Bruce Campbell as Everett Bergeron

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The official preview of my southern family offers a glimpse into the life of protagonist Campbell when she goes to Louisiana for a work project and unexpectedly ends up meeting her estranged father.

The preview clearly establishes the plot, but makes sure not to give away too many crucial details that could ruin the viewing experience for fans. Based on the preview, fans can look forward to a warm and joyful Christmas movie that explores themes of family and romance, among other things.

You can see Christmas of my southern family on Hallmark Channel on Thursday, November 24, 2022.

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