Is Disenchanted a sequel to Enchanted?

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We discuss the Disney+ movie Disenchanted and whether or not it’s a sequel to Enchanted or a reboot.

It’s been 15 years since Disney delighted starring amy adams was released. Written by bill kelly and directed by kevin limethe film featured an ensemble cast with names like patrick dempsey, james marden, susan sarandonY Idina Menzel. Widely considered the best family film to hit screens in 2007, delighted catapulted her leadership to stardom and reignited the love of fairy tales for a new generation. The film’s enchanting story about a Disney animated princess making her way in the real world was considered unique and refreshing, earning it much praise and wide critical acclaim.

In the years since, the film has become a beloved classic of modern Disney fairy tales. Unsurprisingly, Disney wanted to recreate that magic with a sequel pretty much immediately. However, it was not meant to be this way and another film with characters from the kingdom of Andalusia took many years to finally come out. At one point, James Marsden, who plays Edward, didn’t think the sequel was going to happen at all. “So I think at this point, a couple of years ago, we just assumed it wasn’t going to happen. But then this script was written that we all loved and was excited about, and everyone’s schedules lined up and we did it,” he recalled.

disenchantedalso starring Adams, landed in Disney+ in November 2022 to mixed reviews. The movie has been in the works for over a decade, but it spent most of that time stuck in development limbo. The new film was directed by adam shankman (who served as executive producer of Hocus Pocus 2another part two of an iconic classic that came out earlier this year) with patrick dempsey, james mardenY Idina Menzel also reprising their roles along with Adams. gabriella baldacchino was cast as Morgan, now a teenager, originally played by raquel covey. rodolfo maya joined the production as the film’s villain and was joined by yvette nicole brown Y mayans mayans. Despite the rather cool critical response, disenchanted it became the third most streamed film in the week after its release.

In recent years, Disney has made a habit of remaking and rebooting old classics. Dear animated movies like The Lion King, the jungle bookY pinocchio all received the live-action reboot treatment. However, movies like The return of Mary Poppins Y Hocus Pocus 2 they were sequels to the original classics, even though they came out decades later. So the question arises: Is Disenchanted a sequel or a reboot of the late 2000s classic?

What is Disenchanted about?

Here’s the official synopsis, courtesy of Disney:

It’s been 10 years since Giselle (Amy Adams) and Robert (Patrick Dempsey) were married, but Giselle has become disillusioned with life in the city, so they move their growing family to the quiet suburban community of Monroeville in search of a fairytale. life. Unfortunately, it’s not the quick fix she was hoping for. Suburbia has a new set of rules and a local queen bee, Malvina Monroe (Maya Rudolph), makes Giselle feel more out of place than ever. Frustrated that her happily ever after hasn’t been so easy to find, she turns to the magic of Andalusia for help, accidentally turning the entire town into a real-life fairy tale and jeopardizing her future happiness. her family. Now, Giselle is in a race against time to reverse the spell and determine what happily ever after really means for her and her family.

In the fairytale kingdom of Andalusia, it isn’t long after the prince wins the heart of his beloved and they live happily ever after.

disenchanted explores Giselle’s struggles to cope with reality. Set years after the events of delighted, the second part finds Giselle and Robert still married, but having had a new baby. Not only that, but Morgan is no longer the 6-year-old fairy tale lover Giselle first met, but a sarcastic teenager doing her best to teach her naive stepmother the notion of sarcasm.

Feeling overwhelmed with her reality, Giselle thinks that moving to the suburbs would fix everything. But sadly, she doesn’t work that way. Robert travels miserably, while Morgan hates leaving New York City behind. To make matters worse, the local PTA members headed by Queen Bee Malvina Monroe are less than welcoming.

When the now King and Queen of Andalusia, Edward and Nancy, visit, they bring Giselle’s daughter a magic wishing wand. As the former princess has grown more disillusioned with the real world, she wishes to bring a little fairy tale magic into her family life. At first, everything seems to have worked perfectly. Morgan is the perfect daughter of fairy tales, Robert is looking for dragons to slay, and Giselle can sing to her heart’s content without facing judgment from those around her. All is not well, however, as Giselle soon discovers that her wish has also cursed her to become the only fairy tale trope despised by most of her: an evil stepmother.

Unlike the first film, which was more of a love story, in disenchanted the main focus is the relationship between Giselle and a teenage Morgan. When the two first met, six-year-old Morgan was completely entranced by Giselle and her fairytale upbringing of hers. But as she entered her teens, their relationship became more strained, leading Giselle to wish for a completely different world and ultimately turning her into a villain. When asked about the duality her iconic character displays in the new film, Amy Adams noted: “It was really cool to revisit Giselle, with all her optimism and joy and excitement and love for everyone, but then to have that kind of twisted by her desire. I mean, it was really fun to examine what Giselle becomes, like, what are the different aspects of her evil?

Is Disenchanted a reboot or a sequel?

disenchanted not a reboot, but a direct sequel to the first delighted film, which continues the story of Giselle having been married to Robert for quite some time. Aside from Susan Saradon’s Evil Queen, all of the main adult characters reprized their roles. While the role of Morgan went to Gabriella Baldacchino for the sequel, Rachel Covey, who played the role in delighted he made a brief cameo appearance as a resident of Monrolasia.

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