iOS Gaming Roundup: Shovel Knight Delves into Apple Arcade, Netflix’s Salty Battle Royale, and Monument Valley 3 Teased

This week in mobile gaming, a new retro classic hit Apple Arcade that you’ll definitely want to check out. There’s also a great new Battle Royale game on Netflix that will help fulfill any hacking desires you might have. Also, we learn that Monument Valley 3 is on the way, eventually.

With so many fun games to discuss, let’s not dawdle any longer. To the main event!

Can you dig it? (if you can)

Shovel Knight Dig screenshot with Shield Knight

(Image credit: Yacht Club games)

Apple Arcade has gotten into a nice retro groove lately: after the addition of Amazing Bomberman and Horizon Chase’s OutRun-inspired fun, we now have pixel art perfection in the form of Shovel Knight Dig.

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