IO Interactive’s next games are years away

A new financial report indicates that IO Interactive’s next two big titles may not see the light of day for at least three years.

Game development, in most cases, is a long and arduous process for the studios and teams that work to bring these worlds and experiences to life in a way that players can enjoy. Years can pass between a game’s announcement and final release, where a game can go through multiple iterations before it finally sees the light of day, as Ubisoft says. skull and bones can testify interactive IoT seems to be in this same situation with at least two of its next biggest titles, as a new financial report indicates that it will be a few years before either project is seen by the public.


The financial report, in question, is from IO Interactive’s recently published annual financial report for the 2021/2022 business year ending last March. Twitter user DarkDetective shared the pertinent part of the report talking about IO Interactive’s upcoming titles, with the two biggest being dragon project Y Project 007. In the report, IO Interactive touts a profitable year thanks in part to strong sales in 2021 following the launch of hitman 3 and the inclusion of the title in Xbox Game Pass.

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He then shares the financial forecast for the next two years, which warns that he could see a noticeable decline in earnings over the next two business years with no major releases scheduled. Instead, IO Interactive says its main focus will be on game development for the aforementioned. dragon project Y Project 007of which are said to have “long production runs ahead of them”.

Although it is not clear what dragon project it is, Project 007 is IO Interactive’s much-hyped version of the james link series and the first of a possible series of games. It will reportedly not be using the likeness of any actor who has already played James Bond, but instead will be a completely original take on Ian Fleming’s iconic MI6 agent. IO exec Hakan Abrak has also not been shy about touting the studio’s ambitions with the game, previously indicating that the studio’s staff of 200 will likely double by the time the game is released.

dragon project, on the other hand, remains a fairly secret project for IO Interactive but is believed to be no less ambitious. Previous reports from insiders like WindowsCentral suggest that the game will become a massive fantasy RPG that IO is developing in partnership with Xbox. On top of that, it’s suggested that the game could have a 10-year content support plan, similar to Bungie’s plans for Destinythough as of this writing, nothing has been confirmed.

dragon project Y Project 007 are currently under development.

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