Instagram fixed sound issue affecting reels downloaded from the edit screen

An unintentional bug in Instagram that removed the audio of a downloaded Reel from the editing screens of iPhone users has now been resolved. The issue only allowed the download of an unmuted Reel if the creator first publishes it to the platform before saving it.

An Instagram glitch affected several users on iPhone

Several reports on August 18 expressed the feelings of users regarding a flaw in Instagram. iOS users of the platform noted that a bug removes the sound from a downloaded reel. However, on August 29, The Verge reported that the problem had been fixed.

When the issue kept occurring, users could only port a Reel to a different app once they saved it after publishing. This is in contrast to a feature that became available last month, which allows videos to be downloaded and used on a different platform like TikTok.

The Verge tested Instagram on three iPhones and found that audio is indeed removed on save, except when using the app on Android. They subsequently requested a statement from the platform on the matter, but only received a response after they published the story about this concern.

According to a Meta spokesperson, Instagram’s parent company said the error was unintentional and that they will work to correct it. The update they released on August 26 resolved the issue.

Kaittlin Hatton of The Verge confirmed the fix by successfully downloading a Reel with sound. Hatton said resolving the flaw is crucial as Instagram saves content creators from TikTok’s shoddy editing capabilities, especially with its green screen capability.

TikTok and Instagram have been in stiff competition for dominance. Unfortunately, Instagram has to discontinue some of its features that have similarities with its competitor. Still, the reaction from its users to the recent bug it has found implies that TikTok should improve where Instagram has the upper hand: editing.

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Instagram launched a new Instagram feature called ‘Add Yours’

On August 17, Tech Crunch posted a story about a new feature Meta launched for its Instagram and Facebook Reels. This update, known as ‘Add Yours’, allows users to reply to a Reel with their own entry for a specific topic.

If you use this feature, you can see others’ Reels on a page for a specific notice once you post a post. In addition to allowing cooperation, this feature also allows users to discover new people. Additionally, you can see who originated a notice once you scroll to the top of the page.

With this feature that Meta introduced last fall, the firm hopes to attract a growing number of users to its platform. According to their report, the number of users who participated in ‘Add Yours’ on Instagram Stories has increased, gaining prominence.

Aside from the above mentioned, Meta has announced the availability of ‘Stars’, a virtual item on their Facebook and Instagram. According to another announcement, the item that eligible users could use would allow many people to show support for their favorite content creators. The firm has also just added mobile alternatives for joining Stars and tracking rewards.

Additionally, it has simplified the posting of Instagram Reels to Facebook, allowing content producers to grow their fanbases on both platforms and make use of their available revenue streams.

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