Inside | Vasilis Katsoupis, Leonardo Bigazzi and Giorgos Karnavas on Art and a Living Tomb for Willem Dafoe

Never in a hundred years should a seasoned thief be trapped in a high-tech apartment with millions of dollars worth of art inside. With no way out, the residence became his living hell as time is not on his side.

Here’s the full synopsis:

Inside tells the story of Nemo, an art thief trapped in a New York penthouse after his heist doesn’t go as planned. Locked inside with nothing but priceless works of art, he must use all his cunning and invention to survive.

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LRM Online’s Gig Patta spoke with director Vasilis Katsoupis, art director Leonardo Bigazzi and producer Giorgos Karnavas about the unique production of Inside that included stage production, actual art pieces, and a masterclass performance from Willem Dafoe as the main cast member inside the apartment.

Vasilis Katsoupis was a professor at the School of Film Studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and shot many ad campaigns and music videos. His first feature film was with the music documentary My Friend Larry Gus in 2015, a narrative fiction film that tells the story of a young musician chasing his dream.

Giorgos Karnavas is the founder and producer of Synch Festival and has promoted shows for the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Nine Inch Nails, Happy Mondays and more. In 2011, he entered the film production side and became a member of ACE. His most recent credits include the Ruben Ostlund film. triangle of sadnessfrom Omar the Zohairy Feathersand Giorgos Goussis’ magnetic fields.

Since 2008, Leonardo Bigazzi has been the curator of Lo shermo dell’arte – Festival of Contemporary Art and Cinema. He was founder and co-director of Feature Expanded from 2015 to 2018 and also curator of VISIO – European Program on Artists’ Moving Images since 2012. In 2022, he co-curated the Penumbra exhibition on the occasion of 59he International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, and the Mascarilla-19 commission program.

Inside opens in theaters nationwide tomorrow, March 17.

Watch the exclusive interview with Vasilis Katsoupis, Leonardo Bigazzi and Giorgos Karnavas below. Let us know what you think of the interview.

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Source: LRM Online Exclusive, Focus Features