Image shows all Xbox 360 games with Gold Games

An Xbox fan shares an image showing all the Xbox 360 games that have been given away through the Xbox free Games with Gold program.

An image shared online shows all the Xbox 360 and original Xbox games that Microsoft gave away to xbox live gold subscribers since it introduced the program in 2013. In 2013, perhaps in response to the free PlayStation Plus games its competitor was offering, Microsoft added a new benefit for Xbox Live Gold subscribers to take advantage of and would give them free games every months in exchange for your subscription fee. Xbox Live Gold subscribers have received two Xbox 360 games nearly every month since the program launched, but that time is coming to an end.


Xbox Free Games with Games Gold for September 2022 marks the last time an Xbox 360 game will be given away as part of the program. Going forward, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can only count on getting two free Xbox One games with their subscription. The latest free Xbox 360 game being given away through Games with Gold is Gate 2 (available September 16-30), and now that we know all the 360 ​​games that have been given away as part of the service, a Reddit user has posted an image showing them all.

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The image was shared online by Reddit user theoneandonlybiscuit. Starts with fable 3which was technically given away before the program’s official start month, July 2013. Things started off well, and the July 2013 offers were well received. assassin’s creed 2 Y defense grid. From there, free Xbox games with Gold had their ups and downs, but continued to offer fairly high-profile games for the first few years of existence.

It’s clear from the picture that free Xbox games with Gold have dropped drastically in quality in recent years, especially after Microsoft introduced its Xbox Game Pass service. Most of the free Xbox games with Gold games in recent years have been ridiculed by the community, with many of the ad videos flooded with “dislikes” on YouTube. Microsoft decided to focus its efforts on Xbox Game Pass over Games with Gold, but at least the service is ending with a beloved game like Gate 2.

There have been rumors that Microsoft is looking to ditch Xbox Live Gold entirely, hoping to push everyone over to Xbox Game Pass. Nothing has been officially announced to that effect at the time of this writing, but you have to imagine that the removal of Xbox 360 games from the Games with Gold lineup is a big step in that direction.

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