I’m nervous about playing my rank up game, so I’m writing this instead.

I’ve been playing Valorant a lot lately. I’m normally a very social person, spending a lot of weekends and weekday nights with friends, and streaming story-heavy games at night. And even with all these other activities, I have Valorant on my mind, wishing for just a little bit little to be at home playing the game. Hell, I’m working on writing this article because I know I have to play that game tonight.

Valorant was hard to get used to at first, as I had never played a Counter-Strike game before. Coming from Overwatch it was almost a hurdle, as learning to stop moving before firing, coupled with the brutal recoil and spray patterns, was a pain in the butt. But I did jump into Valorant in the last couple of months and it finally got me into competitive play as well. Previously I had been mostly a “Play for Fun” type, but Valorant took that out of me. Unranked is boring and ranked is the only good version of Valorant. What’s the point of playing if you’re not earning that shiny, shiny RR?

I started my ranked adventure months ago and placed lower than anticipated at Bronze 2. With the mindset of proving Riot wrong, I quickly ranked Silver and if you’ve played Valorant you know Silver is hell. you have the best And the worst players you’ve experienced come together in a massive fusion point of talent and get outside of Silver is tough because you have no idea what kind of players you’re going to get if you’re not in a stack of five. You could have appeased the gods of Riot and received on a gleaming platter a smurf immortal player or, on the other hand, someone who doesn’t seem to know a single call, sound signal, or smoke location. According to esports tales (opens in a new tab)As of this writing, roughly 25% of Valorant players are on Silver. That’s a lot of people leaking into the same games.

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