Illegal diamond mining movie premiere

CINEMA enthusiasts will enjoy tomorrow at the Ster Kinekor Sam Levy theaters in Harare with the premiere of Ngoda, a production whose synopsis is inspired by the world of illegal diamond mining.

The premiere, scheduled for 6:00 p.m., will be a red carpet event that will be attended by filmmakers, producers, and actors, among other celebrities.

The film is the brainchild of veteran filmmaker Joe Njagu and award-winning actor Eddie Sandifolo, who joins Njagu (Joe) in the director’s chair after collaborating for more than a decade on other productions.

Interestingly, prior to its release, the film won Best Picture at the recently held National Awards for Merit in the Arts.

Njagu said the hour-and-a-half-long film was shot entirely in Zimbabwe at such popular locations as Dzimbanhete, directed by Chiko Chazunguza, who also appears in the production that wrapped last year.

“The fictional story, which gave rise to the film Ngoda set in 2006 in the midst of a diamond mining rush, is inspired by the events that occurred in Zimbabwe, through research and visits to mining areas,” he pointed.

“The production was a group of creatives who joined hands and put together this 90 minute feature film. The production team includes myself, Sandifolo, Charles Njagu, Farai Chimombe, Farai Chigudu, Philip Marumha and Jude Dutiro.

“Also, part of the producers is Malaika Mushandu (former supermodel) who burst onto the film scene with a bang after a directorial debut in her award-winning film Mirage, which garnered numerous awards last year and got her nominated for Best Director at the prestigious African Film Academy Awards in Nigeria”.

Explaining the film’s synopsis, Njagu said that greed, betrayal and disloyalty have fatal consequences in this dramatic thriller.

“To reclaim their land, the Toropito brothers must raise enough money to buy it back, forcing them into the world of illegal diamond mining. They work for a ruthless diamond dealer who doesn’t pay them well,” he said.

“Tindo, the eldest of the brothers, accidentally finds a large diamond and decides to hide it from everyone, including his brothers and his wife. The diamond is stolen from Tindo and the news of the large stone spreads. The search for the diamond is on , but how do you find something that has already been stolen?

Njagu said that teamwork was important in growing the local film industry.

“Collaboration is the magic key to turn this film sector into a viable commercial industry, we all need to pool our creative skills and make movies. The market is hungry for content and the honor is on us to provide it,” he said.

The film also features a star-studded ensemble of top local talent including Sandifolo, Elijah Madzikatire, Taurai Kawara, Charmaine Mujeri, Caroline Mashingaidz-Zimbizi and Farai Chigudu.

Also part of the cast are Njagu (Charles), Dalma Chiwereva, Charity Dlodlo, Lovejoy Maoneka, Felix Machingambi, Stewart Sakarombe and Chati Butao.

After the release, Njagu said that the film would be at festivals all over the world and that it was intended for international releases.