If You Loved Netflix’s ‘Haunting Of Hill House’ And ‘Midnight Mass’, ‘The Midnight Club’ Is Here

While I frequently criticize many Netflix originals these days, there is one thing the service has done well: fostering the career of Mike Flanagan, the man responsible for what I would consider one of the best series on television. horror ever created. He is now back with a new show, today, The Midnight Club.

Flanagan started out in horror movies, and you may have seen Oculus or Hush a decade ago. But eventually Netflix caught it in a net, and made the excellent Gerald’s Game for them with Carla Gugino. Then he Really started

Mike Flanagan is responsible for three excellent horror series on Netflix:

  • The Curse of Hill House
  • The Curse of Bly Manor
  • Midnight mass

The first two were twists on the haunted house concept, loaded with family drama and introspection. Midnight Mass was a somewhat bloodier affair, as the dark secret of an island community is revealed in what is one of the most compelling horror genre pieces I’ve seen in a while. But I won’t spoil what gender it actually turns out to be.

Now, we have The Midnight Club, which is No an adaptation of Rockstar’s famous street racing game of my youth, but instead based on the work of author Christopher Pike, a project that has been Flanagan’s white whale as he’s always wanted to do this. Here is the synopsis:

“A close group of seven terminally ill young adults reside in the Rotterdam Home hospice run by an enigmatic doctor. They meet at midnight every night to tell each other scary stories. One night they make a pact that the first to succumb to his illness is in charge of communicating with the others from beyond. After one of them dies, strange events begin.”

It’s a different format, with a bunch of different horror stories told throughout the series connected by the Club’s singular thread, but early reviews are positive and I’m about to devour the entire series, given how much I loved its the last three. Fans of his previous work will also be happy to learn that previous cast members such as Rahul Kohli and Zach Gilford will be making a comeback.

I don’t know if The Midnight Club is destined to rise to the top of the Netflix charts to unseat Dahmer, since that show is a monster (in more ways than one), but it’s clear that Netflix recognizes the value of its relationship. with Flanagan, and they keep letting him do whatever he wants. I mean…keep doing that, indefinitely. I’ll be reporting how Midnight Club is here very soon, stay tuned.

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