I am part of the Florida LGBTQ+ community. I feel scared.

A message to America from the people of Florida | May 21th

I’m sorry to say that I have to disagree with this Times column. When will Floridians actually show up and vote? What catastrophic event will finally get people out to vote when we need them?

I marched in the ’80s for my LGBTQ+ rights, and 40 years later I feel less free and, for the first time, a little scared. It seems that Florida has become a magnet for ultra-conservatives in droves. It seems there is no end to Governor Ron DeSantis’ war to trample on anyone who is not in line with his ideology. The most concerning issue here is that the Floridians created this; they just didn’t care enough to go out and vote.

How many trans suicides will we endure before we care? How long will my LGTBQ+ family be a political punching bag? Where is the concern and outrage about how all this happened? I’m tired of fighting for my rights because I’m different from you and you can’t deal with it.

I am disappointed in my home state and in those who could but chose not to participate. If you didn’t vote, stop complaining. You are the problem

Suzanne Connellytampa

It’s amazing to see the extent to which people who work in government are in it to increase their portfolio profits. A report by Rebecca Ballhaus of The Wall Street Journal has recently revealed this. This country has not only deregulated industry and banking, it seems we have also deregulated ethics, law and common sense.

Federal legislators and regulators have gorged themselves on insider information while we gorge ourselves on hot dogs and beer. The reason many give why we shouldn’t regulate stock trading by members of Congress? It would discourage people from running for those positions. That? Discouraging greedy people from running for public office is exactly why we should ban this type of stock trading by public officials. We need to elect people who are in it to promote democracy and good public policy, not personal and family bank accounts.

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah

Right Overdose | May 24

I almost spit out my coffee when I read the letter to the editor complaining about a “right-wing overdose” in the paper. What newspaper are you reading? I’m a moderate (a little to the left on social issues and a little to the right on tax issues) and I have to find the 20-25% of the Tampa Bay Times that is not written by progressives.

Tom Craig, river view