Humble Bundle: 4 Great Indie Games Debuting This Fall

When it comes to video game markets, Humble Bundle carved out an excellent niche for themselves thanks to their positive attitude. Do you prefer to play on Steam or consoles? No problem, Humble Bundle sells game keys for all major platforms. Of course, the store’s signature feature is its bundles, collections with incredibly discounted deals that send some of the proceeds to charity. Buy games, feel good.

This fall, there are several exciting new games coming to the Humble Bundle, as well as packs that are ending their runs. These are some of the featured titles.

Games Coming Soon to Humble Bundle

Midnight Fighting Express

Midnight Fighting Express(Opens in a new window) is a top-down, beat ’em up game set in a moody criminal underworld. Think Sifu meets Cyberpunk 2077. If you want to get in on the action, it’s available on Nintendo Switch (just came out 9/20).

moon markings

moon markings(Opens in a new window) it plunges you into a gloomy world filled with blood, ashes, and monsters. Fight evil and find your way forward in this action-packed Metroidvania-style game. Moonscars comes to Nintendo Switch and PC on September 27.

Coral Island

Coral Island(Opens in a new window) is a farming game that forces you to take care of the land and the sea. Plant crops, hang out with neighbors, and hang out with mermaids as you restore the coral reef. Steam Early Access begins on October 11.


signal(Opens in a new window) is a sci-fi survival horror game that brings much-needed indie energy to AAA’s favorite new sub-genre. mysteries Y robots? We are inside. It arrives on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation and Xbox on October 27.

Game Deals Soon Leaving Humble Bundle

Tiny Build x Versus Evil Smashup

Two independent publishers team up to offer great deals on great games. This bundle includes the Hand of Merlin and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire RPGs, as well as the Totally Reliable Delivery Service ragdoll physics comedy simulator. The tinyBuild x Versus Evil Smashup(Opens in a new window) The deal ends on September 28.

total war classics

Strategic story fans rejoice. Take a trip through Total War(Opens in a new window) memory lane with Empire: Total War, Medieval II: Total War, and Total War: Shogun 2 (along with its Rise of the Samurai campaign). This package expires on October 5.

Serious Sam Collection

This pack collects all Serious Sam games(Opens in a new window) franchise. That includes not only the frantic and iconic first-person shooters, but also quirky spin-offs like the indie RPG Serious Sam. Check it out before October 5.

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Editors Note: Humble Bundle is owned by Ziff Davis, the parent company of PCMag.

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