Humble adds 7 games to Xbox Game Pass Day One

The value of Xbox Game Pass for people interested in independent games is increasing by seven titles. Humble Games, the publishing arm of Humble Bundle, will add seven titles to the Xbox Game Pass service on launch day. The first Humble Game Pass game, Midnight Fighting Expressis already available as of this writing.

Check out a trailer for the Humble Game Pass games below. includes looks Midnight Fight Express, Prodeus, Ghost Song, Moonscars, Infinite Guitars, Signalis, Y Coral Island.

Here is a description and trailer for each Humble Game Pass game.

Developed by Jacob DzwinelMidnight Fighting Express is an isometric fighting game featuring motion-captured combat animations and destructible environments. It’s also available on PC via the Humble Store and Steam, and on PS4.

From Bounding Box Software comes prodeo, a retro “boomer shooter”, an FPS that evokes the design of classic games like Condemn Y Earthquake. It’s available on PC via Steam Early Access and Microsoft Store Game Preview now and is coming to Xbox Game Pass later in 2022.

ghost song is a 2D Metroidvania style game with a mysterious Old Moon atmosphere. Players control a “long idle dead suit”, ready for combat but without memory or purpose. They will explore unknown areas, fight against powerful enemies and discover secrets. It arrives as a Humble Game Pass game on November 3, 2022, and is also headed to PS4 and Steam.

moon markings by Black Mermaid is described as a “Souls-like 2D slasher platformer” with a high skill ceiling. Players control the warrior Gray Irma and make their way through a dark fantasy world “clouded by despair and despair”. Coming September 27, 2022 to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation platforms, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

signal releases on October 27, 2022 as a survival horror experience. Its sci-fi aesthetic is based on retro-style technology and Eurasian motifs from the Cold War era. Players investigate a dark secret as Elster, a “Replika technique” that searches for her lost dreams. Developer Rose-engine will also release the game on PC via Steam.

infinite guitars is part of the burgeoning subgenre of rhythm RPGs. Players dodge rhythm-based attack patterns and rip their enemies apart with killer guitar solos. All this happens in the context of a world devastated by a robot war. Developer Nikko Nikko debuted the game in June as part of the Future of Play showcase. It will be heading to Steam as well as the Humble Game Pass listing later in 2022.

Coral Island addresses both Xbox Game Pass Y PC Game Pass (and Steam) as a new farming and life simulator from Stairway Games. Players can be whoever they want to be on an idyllic island paradise, developing relationships with the townspeople, raising animals, and farming the land. It also folds into ocean conservation themes through underwater play. It’s available now on Steam Early Access, with a full release scheduled for October 11, 2022. It’s scheduled to debut on Xbox and PC Game Pass sometime in 2022.

All seven Humble Games titles will arrive on Xbox Game Pass throughout 2022.

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