Hugh Jackman says he thinks his role in The Son was meant for him

hugh jackman he’s been in everything in Hollywood, from big box office hits to smaller scale movies. The actor is known for his portrayal of Logan/Wolverine in several X Men movies and Logan; however, that is just the tip of the iceberg of his long and illustrious career. the greatest showman, prisonersY The Miserables are just a few of the films that showcased Jackman’s versatility and talent, though his credits stretch far beyond those projects.

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Now, the 53-year-old actor is ready to star. The sonan upcoming film that will act as a prequel to The father, which was released in 2021. The film is adapted from the play by Florian Zeller and Christopher Hampton. The official synopsis for the film reads: “Peter has his busy life with his new partner Beth and his baby thrown into disarray when his ex-wife Kate shows up with his teenage son Nicholas.” During the Venice press tour for the film, Jackman tells Deadline that he was under a compulsion to star in The son after reading the script, he said he got “a feeling you rarely get as an actor”.


“[I had] a feeling like a fire in my gut, it was a compulsion… A feeling you rarely get as an actor: this role is for you and you must play it.”

Fans can see Hugh Jackman’s performance when The son opens in theaters in the United States later this year, with the initial release starting on November 11.

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jackman hopes The son Start conversations around vulnerability

The son It will show a vulnerable side of Hugh Jackman’s character as he raises his children, and the actor hopes this will start conversations outside of the film. Mental health is becoming an increasingly discussed topic, and The son will bring the discussion to the fore. Jackman tells Deadline that he relates to the film as a father and realizes how powerless he is in certain situations.

“The movie really shows how isolated people become, particularly around mental health issues. There’s shame, there’s guilt, there’s an intense desire to fix things… But realizing our helplessness, and I can relate to this as a parent, admitting and leading with that vulnerability leads to the possibility of really being able to understand and empathize with the people around you, to walk in their shoes and to be really honest… Hopefully the film will start conversations, Hopefully the movie reminds us that we should never worry alone.”

The son stars Vanessa Kirby, Anthony Hopkins, Laura Dern and Zen McGrath alongside Jackman. Florian Zeller will direct the project and write the screenplay with Christopher Hampton. The son arrives November 11 in New York and Los Angeles ahead of national distribution.

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