How to write and publish a research paper

When an expansion pack is released for the sims 4, it’s not unusual for it to add a new ability to the game. At this point, given the amount of DLC available for the sims 4, there are all kinds of skills that Sims can learn; there are even some that are so specific that many would not expect to see.

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The Investigation and Debate skill was added to The Sims 4 with the release of the Discover University expansion pack. This is a skill that has to do with the use and dissemination of knowledge through dialogue. This guide will show players how they can take advantage of the Research and Discussion skill to write and publish their own research papers on the sims 4.


How to write and publish a research paper

increase the skill level of research and discussion

Being able to convince roommates to clean the house or tell other Sims to go for a run aren’t the only useful things players can do with the Investigation and Discussion skill. With a high enough research and debate skill, players can put their knowledge to good use and write and publish research papers.

In order to write research papers, a Sim must reach level eight of the Research and Discussion skill.. If the Sim has not yet learned this skill, this can definitely take some time. Sims can increase their level of research and discussion by visiting the university commons and using the research file machine or the podium. Alternatively, this can also be done at home – the Sim needs to interact with the mirror to practice debating.

interact with a computer to write and publish a research paper

Once a Sim has reached Research and Discussion level eight, the Write and Publish Research Paper option will be available on any computer.. It is not possible to use this interaction on the Research Archive Machine.

Unlike books, as soon as the Sim has finished writing the research paper, will be published automatically, and they will receive a one-time payment for it.

Earnings from Research Papers

compensation for research work

The amount of money a Sim can earn by writing and publishing a research paper is random. They can write a research paper on any skill, and even if they write on a skill that they have maxed out, the paper could still fail among the academic community. Nonetheless, Sims only take about three hours to write and publish a research paper and get paid much better than they would for a day’s work at most jobs in the game..

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