How to watch the NFL on PS5

If you are a football fan and have a PlayStation 5, you can watch NFL games on the console. You will only have to download the necessary applications. Follow us and we will show you all your options.

How to download streaming apps for your PS5

  • Select All applications from your multimedia home.
  • Choose the app you want to download. Select Discharge.
  • Your media home contains your recently used media applications. A maximum of 11 applications are displayed. To find all your apps, select App Library.

Most of the Thursday games will be on Amazon Prime Video.

You can download the Prime Video app on the PS5. The Prime Video app is also available for PS4 and PS3.

Sunday games air on CBS and Fox. Many fans prefer NFL RedZone’s fast, commercial-free coverage. Sunday Night Football is always on NBC.

To watch all those channels, you must have a live TV streaming service.

Of the services these channels offer, only Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV are the only apps available on PS5. You can also get Hulu Live TV, as that also gets you Disney+ and ESPN+ for free. (You’ll be able to watch Hulu Live TV, Hulu on demand, Disney+, and ESPN+ on your PlayStation 5.)

If you subscribe to Paramount+, you can have access to any game that is broadcast on your local CBS affiliate, but Paramount+ is not compatible with PlayStation 5. The solution is to download Amazon Prime Video and subscribe to Paramount+ as a Prime Video channel, that It will allow you to watch your local CBS station on a PS5.

To watch Sunday Night Football on your PS5, you can watch NBC via Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV, or you can watch the games on Peacock (available on PS5)

To watch Monday Night Football in 2022, you’ll need ABC and ESPN. ESPN will air all but one game: the Sept. 19 Vikings at Eagles game will only be on ABC. Four games will air simultaneously on both channels.

Again, Hulu Live TV probably makes the most sense for PS5 owners, though you could use YouTube TV too.

If you want to watch all 10 ManningCast games, you’ll need ESPN2, though four of those games will be shown on ESPN+.

Does NFL+ work on PS5?

No. NFL+ does not work on PS5. That service only allows users to watch live games on mobile devices.

Can you watch NFL Sunday Ticket on PS5?

Yes, you can watch all out-of-market games through NFL Sunday Ticket on your PS5, but you must be a college student or someone living in an apartment or condo that can’t get a DirecTV Satellite signal. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can purchase Sunday Ticket for $73.49/month or $99/month.


If you have a PlayStation 5, you’ll get the most football if you subscribe to Hulu Live TV and Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video gets you most of the games on Thursdays, while the Hulu Live TV package gets you everything on Sundays and Mondays, including the two random games exclusive to ABC and ESPN+.

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