How to watch the Aaron Judge, Red Sox-Yankees game for free on Apple TV+

Aaron Judge’s run on the immorality of baseball will not air on traditional networks Friday night.

Friday’s game between the Red Sox and Yankees, which will include Judge trying to tie the American League home run record with his 61st home run of the season, is not available on your local cable provider or in MLB. TV. Apple TV+ for Friday Night Baseball. The first pitch is at 7:05 pm ET.

How to watch the Red Sox game against the Yankees: Here is the direct link you need to watch the game.

The only way to watch Friday night’s game will be through the Apple TV+ app, which you can watch on phones, streaming devices, smart TVs and computers. Fortunately, fans can watch the game for free. All viewers need to do is sign in with an Apple ID (or sign up for an Apple ID) to watch the game. No credit card information is needed to view the game.

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Apple TV+ joined the sports streaming world this season with a major broadcast deal with Major League Baseball that includes a weekly broadcast of Friday Night Baseball exclusively on the app platform. The deal was touted as a step forward for MLB to try to reach a younger audience. Stephen Nelson, Hunter Pence, Katie Nolan and Heidi Watney will be on the call on Friday night.

From Major League Baseball: “Friday Night Baseball” on Apple TV+ is free and available to anyone with Internet access on all devices where Apple TV+ can be found, including the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV 4K and HD, and at, along with smart TVs, game consoles and cable boxes.

How to watch Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+

Fans can find more information on how to watch MLB games on Apple TV+ here.

At what time does the game start? Where can I watch it on TV? – Friday night game will start at 22:15 EST. nationally for viewers in the US. However, the game will not air on mainstream television channels. Apple TV+ has exclusive streaming rights. The game will be available exclusively through Apple TV+, which can be accessed through the Apple TV+ app on smart TVs and streaming devices.

Live streaming options: Apple TV+: Friday night’s game will stream exclusively on Apple TV+. However, fans can still watch it for free. Viewers can watch the game without a subscription using the Apple TV+ app on smart TVs and streaming devices. Fans will need to sign in with an Apple ID, but won’t have to pay for a subscription.

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