How to watch Hellraiser (2022): is it already streaming?

(Pocket-lint) – Hulu is rebooting one of the most iconic horror franchises of all time, and we’re ready for a beyond-the-limits experience.

The new film is based on the novel by Clive Barker. the hellish heartjust as the original was, so we’re ready to meet up with Pinhead and the Cenobites, who will terrorize again.

So, let’s open the puzzle box and find out when and where you can see the action, checking out some plot details and trailers for good measure.

Hellraiser (2022): What you need to know

As we mentioned above, the new movie is based on the same source material as the 1987 classic, which means we have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect from the plot.

However, from the synopsis, we can see that there are some substantial differences. The main one is that the film follows Riley, a young woman searching for her lost brother.


In the novel this character is Rory and in the original film it is Larry. In any case, they are not the main character, it is Kirsty, Rory’s friend, who is our protagonist.

The new film is directed by David Bruckner (V/H/S) and written by Ben Collins and Lucas Piotrowski (the house of the night) along with David S. Goyer (Dark City).

Goyer told Collider that “we went back to the original novel to get the source material – we’re really honoring Clive’s work.”

He continued “the images are terrifying and amazing, and the cenobites are amazing.” Sounds good to us.

Pinhead will be played by Jamie Clayton from sense8 fame and Riley is played by Odessa A’zion.

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Hellraiser (2022): release date

Hellraiser will be released on October 7, 2022 in the US. It will be released directly to streaming and will not have a theatrical run.

A UK release has not been announced at the time of writing.

Hellraiser (2022): Where to stream

Hellraiser is a Hulu original, and as such will be available to stream on Hulu beginning October 7, 2022.

In the UK, it’s likely to come to Disney+ at some point, as Disney is the parent company of Hulu. However, nothing has been officially announced.

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Hellraiser (2022): Trailers

Pocket-lint has embedded the latest Hellraiser trailer at the top of this page. Before this, there was a very short trailer, which we embed below.

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