How to watch Big Sky season 3

Mystery fans rejoice, season 3 of big sky It’s almost here. Subtitled “Deadly Trails,” the third season of the popular crime drama will once again see Jenny Hoyt and Cassie Dewell solving crimes and finding happiness in Lewis and Clark County Montana. This season, those crimes will revolve around a campground and a hiking trail, hence the subtitle.

big skycreator and executive producer of David E Kelley is one of the biggest names in crime and drama series, having worked on everything from Dr Doogie Howser a Ally McBeal, The practiceY big lies. Elwood Reidwho also worked in Hawaii 5-0 Y The Chiit is big skyshowrunner and also executive producer. Based on a series of books by cj box, big sky follows Jenny Hoyt, a police officer played by katherine winnickand Cassie Dewell, a private detective played by kylie bunbury, while investigating crimes in their rural Montana county. Katheryn Winnick is known for her role in the series vikings. Viewers may recognize Kylie Bunbury from season 3 of under the dome and/or his leading role in when they see us.


Season 3 of big sky You will see some changes in the cast. Jensen Ackles, who had a guest-starring role as the new sheriff at the end of season 2, becomes a regular cast member. Ackles is best known for playing Dean Winchester in Supernatural (and co-creating its prequel series the Winchesters) and play Soldier Boy at Amazon’s Boys. rosanna arquette she is also joined in a recurring role as Jenny’s con-artist mother. Arquette is best known for her work in the movies. pulp fiction Y desperately looking for susan. Another exciting addition to Season 3 of big sky she is the “Queen of Country” herself. Singer and actress Reba McEntire will join the cast. McEntire will play Sunny Barnes, the owner of a hiking trail whose property is the site of many disappearances and possibly a few murders. McEntire has described Sunny’s character as “very protective and loving and she’s trying to make a living with her family on this glamping thing and she’s working really hard to keep it all together.” We can’t wait to find out what Sunny is willing to do to “hold it all together.”

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When and where can you watch Big Sky Season 3: Deadly Trails?

Season 3 of big sky premieres on ABC at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. Episodes will be available the next day to stream on Hulu.

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Is there a Big Sky season 3 trailer?

The trailer opens with patsy cline‘s “Walkin’ After Midnight” playing as we watch Sunny Day Excursions, the “luxury country experience” directed by Reba McEntire’s character Sunny. Of course this is big sky, so it’s not long before we also see reports of missing hikers and more than a few bodies. “Some trails are not meant to be followed,” warns the text that appears on the screen at the end of the trailer.

The trailer also gives a glimpse of Jensen Ackles and his mild-mannered charm as the new sheriff in town and shows him working with Cassie and Jenny. If you like big sky Whether it’s the mysteries, the characters, or the beautiful scenery, Season 3: Deadly Trails looks like it will have something for everyone.

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How can you watch the previous seasons of Big Sky?

If you haven’t seen seasons 1 and 2 of big sky yet, or you just want to watch them again before the new season comes out, then you’re in luck. Both seasons are available to stream on Hulu. Hulu offers multiple pricing tiers and regularly offers free trials as well. The ABC website also offers full episodes of big sky.

Can you watch Big Sky without Hulu?

big sky airs at 10 pm ET on Wednesdays on ABC so viewers who prefer to watch on cable can always do so. By going to the ABC website and entering the information about your cable provider, you can also watch episodes there for free.

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