How to watch all the Dungeons & Dragons movies in order, including ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’

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Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is one of the most hyped movies of the year, with long Dungeons and Dragons players and fans of fantastic movies eager to immerse themselves in this new adventure.

But honor among thieves is far from the first film based on D&D. But do you need to watch these movies before you go see the new one, and if so, what’s the best order to watch them?

How many Dungeons and Dragons movies are there?

Before honor among thieves, there have been three Dungeons and Dragons films.

The first, made by New Line Cinema and titled simply Dungeons and Dragons, It hit US theaters in 2000. Starring Justin Whalin and Marlon Wayans, the film follows two thieves, Ridley Freeborn and Snails, as they become entangled in a conflict between the good Empress Savina and the evil wizard Profion. This leads to both sides competing to wield the legendary Rod of Savrille, an item that can control the Red Dragons.

This film received a sequel in 2005, titled Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God. However, as the first film was a box office flop, this installment premiered on the Sci-Fi Channel with only a limited theatrical release in some areas. Set 100 years after the first film, it follows the warrior Berek (Mark Dymond) and the sorceress Melora (Clemency Burton-Hill) as they try to stop the evil Damodar before he can awaken a sleeping dragon god.

The third film in this trilogy, dungeons and dragons 3: the book of vile darkness, it hit the screens in 2012. Unlike the second movie, this movie was a direct-to-DVD installment. It follows a young paladin named Grayson (Jack Derges) as he teams up with Akordia (Eleanor Gecks), a Shadar-kai sorceress; Seith (Lex Daniels), a human assassin; Vimak (Habib Nasib Nader), a Goliath barbarian; and Bezz (Barry Aird), a human Vermin Lord to track down the titular evil book and destroy it.

honor among thieves is the last film based on Dungeons and Dragons. However, despite being based on the same source material as the previous films, it is a reboot of the franchise and thus not tied to the previous ones.

The official synopsis for the film describes the film by saying:

“A charming thief and a band of unlikely adventurers undertake an epic heist to recover a lost relic, but things go dangerously wrong when they stumble upon the wrong people. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves brings the rich world and playful spirit of the legendary role-playing game to the big screen in a hilarious, action-packed adventure.”

In what order should you watch the Dungeons and Dragons movies in?

Fortunately, the surveillance order for the D&D movies is easy to follow. The first three movies can be watched in the order they came out.

  1. Dungeons and Dragons
  2. Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God
  3. Dungeons and Dragons 3: The Book of Vile Darkness

Because honor among thieves it’s a reboot, you can watch it whenever you want as it’s not tied to the previous movies. In fact, based on initial information about the film, it sounds like the writers have taken pains to make the story accessible to those new to the franchise, which means you’ll need little to no prior knowledge to enjoy it.

He D&D movies that are not D&D Films

One of the reasons many people are confused about the Dungeons and Dragons The movie viewing order is that there are some movies that while based on the gameplay or lore of Dungeons and Dragons, they were not officially licensed by Wizards of the Coast, which means they are not official D&D films.

This includes the infamous 1982 movie Mazes and Monsters. This movie follows a group of young people (one of whom is played by a young Tom Hanks) who are obsessed with their favorite role-playing game. When the group embarks on a spelunking journey, they suddenly all believe they are their in-game characters, leading them to suffer horrific fates. Obviously, due to the strong anti-D&D For example, it was not approved by the game’s publishers and is therefore not an official product, even though it is frequently mistaken for one.

There is also the 2008 animated film. Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Although set in the classic D&D Dragonlance campaign setting, is an adaptation of the novel by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman dragons Of Autumn Twilight, which means it is not considered a true D&D movie.

There was also Scourge of the Worlds: A Dungeons and Dragons Adventure. This 2003 direct-to-DVD computer-animated film was noted for its interactive elements; viewers could make decisions while watching the film, and these decisions would shape the plot. However, due to this element, the game is not counted in the official line of D&D movies, and are marketed instead as a new way to enjoy the game.