How to view your TikTok watch history

Users who forget to save a TikTok and can’t find it later may be annoyed. But this guide will help users to recover those videos without any hassle.

by TikTok Watch History allows users to discover videos they have watched but were unable to save. There are many reasons to dive into an archive of previously viewed videos. For example, maybe the user accidentally refreshes the For You (FYP) page before finishing a TikTok, a common mistake. Or maybe the user didn’t save a TikTok and wants to watch it again. No matter the reason, it’s nice to know there’s a way to get them back.

TikTok is a top rated short form video platform where users find entertainment and discover information. Users collectively watch more than a million TikToks a day, which is easy to do with the sheer amount of content available. TikTok’s FYP allows users to scroll through videos chosen by the app’s algorithm without thinking. Also, the app has added features like Favorites and Collections feature, allowing users to find videos they enjoyed quickly. Then in 2022, TikTok tested and rolled out the Watch History feature so users can discover videos they may not have saved but are having trouble finding in search.


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Finding your watch history on TikTok is easy. Start by opening the app and navigating to the ‘Profile’ menu at the bottom right of the screen. Once the profile section of the app is displayed, tap on the three lines, also known as the hamburger menu, located at the top right. A menu will appear. Choose ‘Settings and privacy’ to display a long list of options. In the “Content & Activity” column, tap “Viewing History.” Now the user will have access to all the videos he has watched up to a certain time.

See the shortcomings of history

As mentioned above, the Play History feature is limited. TikTok will only store seven days of data within this tool. It is not surprising given the enormous amount of content that users consume on a daily basis. However, please go to the ‘Privacy’ settings to perform a detailed investigation of the Watch History to download the account data. Additionally, users can disable the Watch History feature. Locate the ‘View History Settings’ icon at the top right of the screen and change the toggle. The same settings menu includes a ‘Clear History’ option so that users can delete the videos. However, there is currently no way to remove individual videos from the tool.

The Play History feature can be useful when trying to recover an unsaved video, but it does have a few quirks. For one thing, the function will store everything scrolled in the FYP, even if the user didn’t watch the video. Sometimes people watch just a few seconds and decide they don’t want to see the full content. Anyway, these videos will appear in the history even if the user doesn’t want them to appear. That also means a lot of FYP discards are clogging up the archive, making it hard to find content. Also, there is currently no way to filter the videos or a search bar to investigate, which adds to that inconvenience. tik tok can make this tool more versatile in the future. Even so, Watch History still adds value and convenience for the most recently viewed videos.

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