How to use whispers on Twitch

There may be times when you want to connect with someone on Twitch but not in broadcast chat. It could be someone telling clever jokes or a friend you want to catch up with.

So how do you connect with a user privately without disturbing others? All you need to do is send them a whisper. So let’s explore whispers and how to use them on Twitch.

What is a twitch whisper?

Twitch chats are like group chats on any social media platform, but what happens when you want to talk to someone more privately? That’s where the whispers come in.

Simply put, whispers on Twitch are similar to DMs on Instagram. When you whisper to someone on Twitch, a private chat room opens. Therefore, the messages you send can only be seen by the recipient and by you. Unless a user is blocked on Twitch, you can pretty much whisper to anyone.

How to use whispers on Twitch

Whether you’re on your phone or desktop, sending whispers is as easy as changing your Twitch username. You start a whisper by going to the whisper button or by going to a chat and starting a conversation with whoever you want.

You can even send a whisper to someone offline. The whisper alert you send will appear on the Whisper button when the user goes online.

Let’s explore the different ways to whisper on Twitch.

How to Whisper on Twitch (Android and iOS)

There are three ways to whisper from your Twitch mobile app.

How to whisper to someone from a chat

  1. In the chat stream, tap the username of the person you want to send a whisper to. A small window with user information and other options such as Continue, Whisperand Block will open.
  2. Tap on the Whisper option to open a private chat room. Type your message or whisper and press enter to send it.

Whisper to someone using the whisper button

  1. Open the Twitch app.
  2. Tap on the Whisper which is right next to the Notifications button.
  3. On the Whispers page, you will see the recently whispered either Recent option with the history of your previous whispers. In the history list, touch a username to whisper to that person again.
  4. The other option will be to touch start a whisper. A new page will open with a start a whisper search bar at the top. Find the username of the person you want to whisper to. When the name appears, tap it and start the conversation.

How to whisper to someone looking for their username

  1. On the Twitch app home page, tap Look for in the bottom menu to search for a person by their username.
  2. TO Gonna [friend’s username] will appear. Touch it to open the user’s profile.
  3. Tap on the three dot menu on the profile page and a menu will appear at the bottom.
  4. Tap Whisper [friend’s username].

How to whisper on Twitch from your desktop

Open the Twitch website in your browser and try the following three ways.

How to whisper to someone from a chat

  1. In a chat, click the chat box where it says Send a message. then write /w usernamebut replace the word Username with the username of the person you want to whisper to. You will notice that as soon as you type /w, he Whisper The button appears below the chat box.
  2. so just write with username followed by your message, and press the button Whisper button.
    Sending whispers from the broadcast chat box on Twitch

And the whisper will go to the chosen recipient in a chat room or private box. Then both of you can start your private whispering session.

How to whisper to someone in a stream

  1. In a chat stream, simply click the username of the person you want to whisper to. A small window with the user’s profile picture and the Whisper the button will open.
    Open user profile in chat flow with whisper button
  2. Click on the Whisper button to open a private chat room and send your message or whisper.
    Send a whisper in a private chat room

Whisper to someone with the whisper button

The Whisper button is located at the top right of the Twitch web app between the notifications and get bits buttons.

  1. Tap on the Whisper button, and the history of your previous whispers will open in the whispers window.
    Whisper window open with whisper history

    Click the username of the sender you want to whisper again.

    Whisper to a friend again in a private chat

    A private chat window of your whisper history with that person will open.

  2. If you want to whisper to someone for the first time, find their username in the Search bar on top.
    Find someone to send a whisper via the whisper button

    As you start typing, matching usernames will start to display. Tap on the username and send your whisper to the chat window.

Enjoy private chats on Twitch

Whispers are just what you need to talk about things unrelated to the current stream, share an interesting link or news, or make new friends. Now that you know how to whisper, enjoy doing it and make your Twitch time even more exciting.