How to use the research table and get new items

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The research table in Raft is one of the most important items you need for your little raft because with it, you can research upgraded items for your raft, weapons, tools, and much more. How to use the research table correctly, we will show you in this guide.

The guide at a glance: If this is your first time playing Raft, you’ll quickly run into two sinister blueprints or the missing options for crafting tools. Caught Bug: You haven’t built a research table on your Raft yet, or you’re like us and a bit confused by this thing. Don’t worry, in this guide we present everything you need:

  • How do you use a blueprint research table?
  • How do you use the research table to unlock new items?
  • What materials do you need to unlock items on the table?

How to properly use the research table in Raft

How do you build the table? To build a research table, all you need are wooden planks and scrap metal. Here is the prescription:

  • 14x wooden planks
  • scrap 2x

You must place your table in the center of your raft, not on the edge. Just as a precaution, so Bruce Shark doesn’t bite him off the edge of your raft.

Personal tip: There is no search function in the creation menu, the table and many other stations can be found under “Other”.

How is the research table used for recipes? You really can’t do much wrong using the table: you place a raw material, for example, wooden planks, on the table and click “explore”. The research table will now automatically show you all recipes that contain wooden planks. Those are all items that require wood planks as a building material. You can also see what resources you still need to research to unlock the crafting recipe. Once you’ve researched all the resources for the recipe, simply click on the item in the list on the right and select “learn”.

raft-research-table-forschungstisch-guide1 - Guided
In this menu, click “Learn”.

How can you research blueprints? Just like tools, weapons, etc., you can also learn blueprints. During the story, you will receive a receiver and an antenna in the form of a plane. Simply place them on the research table on your raft and click research. You will have unlocked these items without any resources.

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All the resources you can research at the research table in Raft

  • Wooden planks
  • stones
  • Scrap
  • Sheets
  • The plastic
  • Rope
  • Clay
  • metal ingots
  • explosive powder
  • Screw
  • Nail
  • Spring
  • sticky creeper
  • Glass
  • Hinge
  • Empty bottle
  • dry brick
  • titanium ingot
  • Sweetie
  • Printed circuit board
  • Wool
  • Leather

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