How to use mods for GTA 5? Plugins, replacements and more

The GTA 5 modding community is one of the main reasons the game still has a huge fan base playing it for over a decade. Despite the fact that it is difficult to apply or even create mods for GTA 5, excellent mods have been made by many fans to modify the game almost completely.

For many gamers, mods remain unattainable and elusive. Fortunately, in recent years, many new applications have been created to make the process of installing mods in GTA 5 quick and easy.

For gamers who want to install mods on their game but don’t know where to start, this post will provide step by step instructions on how to install mods in GTA 5.

Here is a step by step guide to install mods in GTA 5

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Before players begin this process, they should be aware that there are different types of mods for GTA 5, which will require different types of apps and trainers to install properly in the game.

You may need to install these applications for this tutorial to work properly. Another thing to note is that all of these mods should only be used in single player mode as their use is not allowed in GTA Online.

The steps are to download .ASI mods for GTA 5

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  1. Players need to find the folder where the main Grand Theft Auto 5 application is located and keep the folder open in the background.
  2. Next, they will need to download OpenIV from its official website.
  3. OpenIV will start to install, and during this process, the application will request the location of Grand Theft Auto 5, so players simply need to select the location of the file that they opened in the background during the first step.
  4. Once the app has located the Grand Theft Auto 5 files, players should go to the ASI manager, which can be accessed through the Tools tab.
  5. Now you have to install all three options: ASI loader, OpenIV.ASI and openCamera. If players get the “create mod folder” message, they should select the “Yes” option.

For the next part of this process, you will need a trainer mod. To get this mod, you can go to any of the popular GTA mod websites and download a trainer mod, the most popular and easy to use being “Menyoo”.

This is what players need to do:

  1. After opening the main page of the Menyoo trainer, players need to click the Download button.
  2. All files must be extracted and pasted into the GTA 5 folder.
  3. They should then load the game and open this trainer by following the instructions provided by the loader for this trainer.

If Menyoo’s trainer does not appear in the game, they will need to install “Script Hook V” and follow steps 6, 7 and 8 again.

Steps to download DLL/.NET mods

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  1. Players should go to any popular Grand Theft Auto 5 mod download website.
  2. They need to find Community Script Hook .NET, which needs to be downloaded.
  3. The files should be extracted from the Community Script Hook .NET and pasted into the Grand Theft Auto 5 folder.
  4. Players can now download any mod of their choice, which has a .NET file.
  5. A new folder should then be created in the Grand Theft Auto 5 folder.
  6. Now you need to extract the mod files you downloaded and paste them into the new folder you just created.

At this point, players simply need to follow the loader instructions for the particular mod they downloaded while playing and it should work.

Steps to install replacement mods and addons

replacement mods

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  1. Players should open their GTA 5 folder, then go to update, then x64, then dlcpacks, then open the latest patches folder.
  2. After this step, they need to open the dlc.rpf file and enable edit mode.
  3. Players should now go back to x64, then access the levels folder, then gta5, and finally open vehicles.rpf
  4. Players should now extract the replacement mod to the vehicles.rpf folder.

By following these steps, players will be able to get replacement mods on their version of Grand Theft Auto 5.

additional mods

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  • Players must create a new folder called “mod”.
  • In this folder, another subfolder called “x64” should be created. Inside this, they need to create another folder called “update”.
  • Now players need to get the latest patch folder and copy and paste it into the new update folder they have created.
  • They should go back to the original update folder and grab the update.rpf file, so it can be copied and pasted into the newly created “update” folder.
  • After this step, you should install all additional mod files in the last copied patch folder. It should be noted that the editing mode must be activated for this.
  • Players should now go into the update.rpf> common> data> dlclist.xml file. There, they need to edit the name of the mod they just downloaded.

This is probably one of the easiest ways to integrate additional mods into Grand Theft Auto 5, but if you wish to do so, you can also use Script Hook V to achieve the same result.

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