How to Upgrade Your Home at Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are many ways to customize your town and beyond in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but a life simulator wouldn’t be complete without giving you a comfortable home to upgrade and make your own too. Building your home the way you like it is a fun, albeit expensive endeavor that will keep you busy for hours, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it in this guide. This is everything you need to know about your home and how to improve it in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to access house improvements

To start upgrading your house first, you need to accept the “Dreamlight Valley Economy 101” quest from Scrooge McDuck, who can commonly be found wandering around the Plaza or inside his shop. To complete this quest, you need to collect 7 gems, which can be obtained by mining any of the nodes scattered around Dreamlight Valley, and then selling them to Goofy at his stall. When he returns to Scrooge McDuck, he tells him to take the money he just won and use it to improve his house.

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How to improve your house

There are two types of improvements you can make to your home: interior and exterior.

interior improvements

Upgrading the interior of your home is done using the interior elevator located directly to the left of the front door. You can add rooms and expand their sizes incrementally, with larger rooms obviously emptying your wallet a bit more over time.

First update: 1000 star coins

  • Expand the main room to 8 x 8

Second update: 2000 star coins

  • Expand the main room to 10 x 10
  • Add superior room 1F
  • Add 1F left room
  • Add 1F right room

From here, you’ll also be able to increase the size of your individual rooms, with prices ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 Star Coins, depending on the size you want. As you continue to expand your exterior (see exterior upgrades), you can start adding a second and third story with rooms that can be upgraded as well.

exterior improvements

Upgrading the exterior of your home is done by visiting the Scrooge McDuck sign just outside the front door, where the titular duck will arrive and service you for a fee. Each upgrade comes at a higher price, but the reward will be a nicer house, expanded storage, and the ability to add more floors and rooms to the interior for additional cost on the interior (see interior upgrades). Please note that this feature only appears after you have completed an interior upgrade.

Over time, you will turn a house into a home.
Over time, you will turn a house into a home.

First update: 2000 star coins

  • outside improvement
  • Increased storage capacity

Second update: 20,000 star coins

  • outside improvement
  • Second Floor Upgrade
  • Increased storage capacity

Third update: 75,000 star coins

  • outside improvement
  • Third Floor Upgrade
  • Increased storage capacity

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