How to unlock the sword of victory and the unique solution

The 0.11.0 patch for vampire survivors included a new overpowered character named Queen Sigma. Along with Queen Sigma, a new weapon was added to the game that served as her starting weapon: the Victory Sword. At first glance, the Victory Sword doesn’t seem like a weapon that would be included in a list of the best in vampire survivors.

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However, first glances can be wrong. Victory Sword starts out relatively weak, but at level 12, this weapon will take down large groups of enemies with each hit. This weapon can also evolve into Unique Solution if the player has the Torrona Box.


Unlock Sword of Victory

Queen Sigma starts with the Victory Sword, but after unlocking the weapon, it can be offered to any character during a run. The first step in getting this weapon is unlocking Queen Sigma. For beginning players, unlocking Queen Sigma can take several days to run. This is because the player needs to complete the Game Collection to unlock Sigma.

After completing the Collection and unlocking Sigma, the player then needs to get 100,000 enemy kills during a run with Sigma. This is not easy. To make things a bit easier, the player must choose the crazy forest o library stages with inlays for this race. These stages have a 30 minute timer and are a bit more manageable than the other stages. get the Skull O’Maniac passive item will help you reach 100,000 kills by increasing the number of enemies on screen; make sure Sigma can handle the additional enemies before leveling up Skull O’Maniac.

The player will want to get the Torrona Box passive item to evolve Victory Sword.. While it is normally advisable to banish this item at level nine, Torrona’s Box must be at level nine to evolve Victory Sword to Sole Solution. This will also increase the number of enemies on screen. With the Victory Sword, Santa Water, King Bible, Magic Wand, Song of Mana, and Laurel, along with their associated passive items, the player should have no problem reaching 100,000 kills.

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Using the sword of victory and the unique solution

Victory Sword starts out weak. That said, it’s still a decent starting weapon and a great auxiliary option. As this weapon levels up, it will start hitting more enemies per attack. The damage also increases at certain levels, and these increases do Victory Sword one of the best weapons in terms of damage per second.

At level eight, Victory Sword gains a finishing move that hits every five attacks; this is seen as a vertical column of energy. Level eight is also when critical hits are possible with Victory Sword.. Drowner, Stalker, and Trickster enemies are immune to most basic weapons in vampire survivors. Victory Sword and Sole Solution are among the few weapons that can damage them.

Sole Solution does not replace Victory Sword when the latter evolves. The player keeps the Victory Sword in addition to getting the unique solution, making this a unique evolution. Fortunately, the player does not need to keep a weapon slot open for the single fix, as it is added to the inventory as an additional passive item.

Victory Sword scales with the following passive items:

  • Chandelier (Area)
  • clover (lucky)
  • Duplicator (Quantity)
  • Void Tome (Cooldown)
  • Silver Ring (Area and Duration)
  • Spinach (could)
  • Box of Torrona.

Sole Solution only flakes with Spinach. The best arcana to use with Victory Sword and Sole Solution are Slash, Beginning, and Divine Bloodline. Sole Solution conjures up a spinning galaxy (for a few seconds) that damages all enemies on screen. The player is intangible while the galaxy is on screen. The player can pick up items while they are intangible, but their effect is delayed until the galaxy dissipates.

vampire survivors It was released on December 17, 2021 for PC and macOS.

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