How to unlock Ryu’s retro outfit in Street Fighter 6

One of the best things about street fighter 6 is the variety of outfits and costumes that each character in the game has. Among them, players can also unlock the retro or alternate costumes of the characters from the original. Street Fighter games reaching the maximum bonus level by giving gifts. In this guide you will learn how to unlock Ryu’s retro outfit in street fighter 6 with two methods.

How to unlock Ryu’s retro outfit in Street Fighter 6

ryu retro outfit in street fighter 6

Image Source: Capcom via The Nerd Stash

The characters that have been in the original and classic. Street Fighter the games have an alternate outfit which is basically her classic costume but with better visuals. Each of them can be unlocked with the same two methods, but the variety of each one will be different. In this article, we are going to focus on how to get Ryu’s retro outfit.

The two methods mentioned above are to either play and progress through the game or save time and instead spend real money to get them from the in-game store. To unlock each of these outfits, you need to spend 50 coins, which is roughly $23. But if you really don’t want to spend any money, this is the free method.

To get Ryu’s Classic Outfit, you need to reach bond level 100 with Ryu in the game’s World Tour mode. But it’s not as simple as jumping into the game and starting to grind. The first thing to know is that Ryu will only be unlocked in World Tour Chapter 8, so there is quite a bit of playing to get to this part of the game.

In Chapter 8, finish E. Honda’s quest, and after completing it, use some travel tickets to travel to the Genbu Temple. After you’ve arrived, a cutscene will play introducing Ryu in-game. Then, like every other mentor in the game, you have to fight him. The recommended level of fighting Ryu is 25.

Regardless of whether you win or lose, Ryu will be available as a mentor afterwards and you can train under his guidance to learn his moves. The next step is to reach the maximum bond level with him which can be achieved by doing many things.


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Be sure to use his movesets in fights and engage in a training session with him. Don’t forget the gifts as they have the best effect but cost you some money. His favorite gift is the instant soba which has a better effect. Once you’ve reached max level, you can select Ryu’s retro outfit when you’re selecting characters in a match.

street fighter 6 is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.