How to unlock Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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There are very few games that allow you to interact with many of your favorite characters, and Disney Valley of Dreamlight It is one of them. It is a life simulator that allows you to get up close to famous Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck among many others.

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At first, you land in the Dreamlight Valley which has been affected by oblivion. You will make your way through the different areas of the valley while recovering some characters that left because they forgot everything. Merlin is one of the characters in the game that is quite easy to unlock.

How to unlock Merlin

While most of the characters left Dreamlight Valley due to The Forgetting, there were a few who stayed behind and showed their determination towards home. Merlin is one of those characters, and you will meet him at the beginning of the game since he will be your guide.


When you start, Merlin will introduce himself and test your magic by asking you to clean a normal thorn from the ground. Once this is done, he let you remove the thorns on the door of a housewhich will actually be your humble abode throughout this title.

This is essentially the tutorial for the game, and you have to finish this part to progress anyway. So the quest required to unlock Merlin is the one you can’t miss even if you tried.

After entering the house, you will have to clear all the thorns inside, which will give Merlin back some of his memory. At this point, he will tell you a few other things and ask you to gather the real tools. You can find all of this around Plaza and Peaceful Meadows, starting with the Shower right next to your house.

  • For him peakHead to the right side of Scrooge McDuck’s shop, which can be found in the Plaza. You will find the tool inside a pile of rocks.
  • To get the RodYou will need to collect a broken rod from one of the ponds in Peaceful Meadows and trade it for Goofy’s Royal.
  • Lastly, you can simply choose the shovel next to Remy’s kitchen.

Once you have all the tools, you will need 2,000 Dreamlight to access the Dream Castle. By unlocking the castle, you will be able to get more characters and also unlock Merlin at the same time. Now, you can work on increasing their friendship. You may assign a role once you reach friendship level two.

To get a fast friendship level, you need to talk to the character every day and give him the things he likes. Further away, each character will have three featured gifts that will give you extra EXP every day. Once you give them a task, it can help you grow your friendship even faster.

Merlin’s friendship rewards

Each character in Dreamlight Valley has a total of ten levels of friendship them. As you progress through these you will unlock different rewards and his friendship quest will also unlock once you reach level ten. Here are all the rewards you will get:

friendship level rewards
Level 1 Unlock Merlin along with your home and the Castle of Dreams.
Level 2 Unlocks a Furniture Bag Skin that you can place anywhere in the Dream Valley of Light.
Level 3 Unlock an overlay that you can put on your clothing while you customize it.
Level 4 Unlock 500 Star Coins.
level 5 Unlock a table cabinet skin with potions.
level 6 Unlock another overlay for your clothes.
level 7 Unlock 1000 Star Coins.
level 8 Unlocks a cabinet cabinet skin.
level 9 Unlock an owl overlay for your clothing.
level 10 Unlocks a wizard hat that you can put on your character.

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