How to unlock (and buy) weapons in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 offers a variety of attractive “splatter” weaponry that players can unlock by visiting a shop within Splatsville called Ammo Knights.

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One of the main attractions of Splatoon 3PvP is the wide variety of attractive weaponry available in the arsenal of Inklings and Octolings. For example, the Slosher is a bucket-style weapon that can splash a single massive AoE of ink on enemies and their territory. On the other hand, the Splat Dualies is a quick-firing, medium-range weapon, which is great for those who prefer Mobility over Damage on the move. Splatoon 3. The weapon list is extensive, encompassing old items from the last two games and new weaponry in the splatoon universe.


So naturally Splatoon 3 fans will want to choose a weapon that matches their style of play. After all, the game rewards creativity and diversity in its PvP combat. However, it wouldn’t be fun if players were limited to using simple projectile-based, pistol-style weaponry throughout the game. For this reason, Splatoon 3 will provide a means for Inklings and Octolings to unlock and purchase new weaponry to use or try out on the “splash field.”

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To unlock new weapons in Splatoon 3, players must head to Ammo Knights, a small one-stop shop run by the kindly horseshoe crab Sheldon. This store can be found within the central area of ​​Splatsville.

Unlocking new weapons in Splatoon 3

Instead of using the standard in-game currency to buy weapons at Splatoon 3, players will need Sheldon Licenses, a resource that is acquired by leveling up in battles. The more PvP matches combatants participate in, the more Sheldon Licenses they will receive to spend on Ammo Knights. Additionally, these licenses can be earned by consistently using a specific weapon, which increases the player’s Coolness with the particular weapon. While Sheldon’s licenses acquired in battles are, to some extent, unlimited, the player’s coolness for a weapon can only be increased a total of five times.

Splatoon 3 features a bonus shop mechanic for those who wish to unlock a weapon that is supposed to be obtained beyond their current Inkling or Octoling level. Sheldon, being a friendly crustacean and a smart “business crab”, allows fans to buy early weaponry for a much higher price. For example, the items available in Splatoon 3 it normally costs a single Sheldon license when purchased at the player’s current level. However, higher level weaponry can cost up to three Sheldon Licenses for those who don’t wish to wait for their level to reach the prerequisite. This mechanic makes for a great payment system where those able to earn a lot of licenses are rewarded with early access to the weapons they want the most in Splatoon 3.

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