How to unlock all characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Do you want more villagers running around the Valley? Well, you will have to start unlocking characters to be able to do that. In Disney Valley of Dreamlight you can unlock characters as you progress through the game and explore your environment. It’s so much fun to see these Disney classics wandering around the Valley and interacting with them – they have unique personalities and it really makes the game feel alive.

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Fishing and gardening with your favorite Disney characters are now a reality with Disney Dreamlight Valley. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly where to find and how you can make all of these icons live in your village.


This guide is based on Early Access content and is subject to change in the future.

starting characters

When you start the game for the first time, you won’t be able to unlock new characters right away. There are some villagers who already inhabit the Valley that you won’t have to help to get back home: these are the initial characters. Sure, they’ll give you a couple of tasks to complete, but there’s nothing specific you need to do to get them. However, to unlock more characters later on, first you will have to finish some quests to access the castle. So what characters will you encounter as soon as you enter the Valley?


Merlin is the first character you will come face to face with during your time playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. He is the one who will be right outside your house inspecting the thorns that surround it from the start. Merlin will be too the person you will be talking to most of the time as he settles into the Valley and gets used to his new surroundings.

Scrooge McDuck

Right in front of the Plaza, you will find Scrooge McDuck. He hasn’t been able to get out of his tent since the big thorns blocked the exit. It’s up to you to use your magic and free him. Once he’s been released, Scrooge will want to get his business back up and running as soon as possible, so he needs you to help him fix Goofy’s stall. scrooge is in charge of upgrading the buildings throughout the Valley and any type of construction that is being carried out. Here is the complete guide on Scrooge McDuck.


After helping Scrooge, you will gain access to the fishing expedition mission. This will be your first interaction with Goofy. You will have to help him to reopen his position and continue helping him so that you can get the royal fishing rod. He is the merchant of the Valley and loves to fish. Read more about him in our complete guide to Goofy.

Mickey Mouse

Finding Mickey Mouse won’t be a problem. you just have to enter his house. Mickey Mouse’s house is right in front of yours, just behind the garden. Go in and remove all the thorns, he will thank you very much. Here is the complete guide on Mickey Mouse.

unlockable characters

In addition to the initial characters, there are 13 other characters which you can unlock right now. These characters will require more effort as you will have to run errands around the Valley and you will also have to visit other kingdoms.

For now, this is how you can unlock all the other characters:

Character How to unlock
e-wall You unlock Wall-E in the Castle by completing the Shy little robot search.
Maui You unlock Maui in the Castle by completing the A feast fit for a demigod search.
vaiana You unlock Moana in the Castle by completing the After the storm search.
Remy You unlock Remy in the Castle by completing the An important night at the restaurant search.
ariel You unlock Ariel in Dazzle Beach by completing the lonely island search.
prince eric You unlock Prince Eric in Dazzle Beach by completing the poor unlucky prince search.
Ursula You unlock Ursula in Dazzle Beach by completing the With Great Power… search.
Ana It is unlocked in the Castle by completing the nature spirits search.
elsa You unlock Elsa in the Castle by completing the an icy invitation search.
Kristoff You unlock Kristoff in the Forest of Valor by completing the Lost in the dark grove search.
Mother Gothel You unlock Mother Gothel in the Glade of Trust by completing the Damn search.
Donald Duck You unlock Donald Duck in the Forest of Valor by completing the Lost in the dark grove search.
Minnie Mouse You unlock Minnie Mouse in the Valley by completing the memory expansion search.

Although 13 may not seem like a lot of villagers seeing how many Disney and Pixar characters there are, Two updates have already been announced, which means more are on the way and sooner than expected. In the first update of Fall 2022, Scar will be added to the game and in the second update of autumn 2022, toy story Characters will also be added to the game. And there is even more to come in 2023. We will update this guide as soon as more characters are released.

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