How to uncensor VALORANT chat

Communication is key in a team-based FPS like VALORANT, and there are several methods to communicate with your teammates in a match. You can use voice chat to communicate with party members and teammates and mute them if necessary during difficult situations. The game’s chat system allows players to write text messages sent to specific players, teammates, and even opponents. There are a variety of options available for chat that players can access through the Communications tab in Settings. We recommend that players familiarize themselves with these options and better communicate with their teammates.

The text chat in VALORANT has a profanity filter that hides several words that cannot be used in a game. You’ll often come across these messages from opponents or teammates, and it’s best to keep your profanity filter on. However, players looking for the unfiltered filter VALORANT Experience may make you switch to the Communications tab for uncensored chat. The explicit language filter in VALORANT it censors foul language and players can turn it on or off, depending on their preferences. You can also create a list of muted words that will be hidden from game chat. So we’ve got you covered if you want to read an unfiltered text chat.

This is how gamers can remove censorship VALORANT to chat.

How to toggle explicit language filter on VALORANT

Players must manually change the Communications settings to remove censorship. VALORANT to chat. The Communications tab has a variety of voice and text chat settings that players can change. For example, you can add a key combination to mute teammates during a clutch situation. Similarly, players can add a list of words in the Muted Words List that will be banned in chat. Follow the procedure below to remove the explicit language filter:

  • Open Settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner
  • In the General option, you will need to select the Communications tab
  • Scroll down to the text chat segment
  • Click the OFF option for the explicit language filter
  • You can also add specific words to the silenced words list

Added features like explicit language filter and silenced word list with recent patch updates. Although we recommend keeping the profanity filter on, you will get an uncensored image. VALORANT chat after disabling the explicit language filter. This means that all abusive words and foul language prohibited by the system will be visible. Toxicity in an FPS game is nothing new, and it’s best to turn this setting back on if you want to refrain from negativity. Remember, just because someone else is being toxic in an online game like VALORANTdoesn’t mean you should give them a taste of their medicine!

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