How to “Travel Hack” Hyatt Explorist Status Indefinitely

With the recent announcement of a Hyatt status challenge targeting American Airlines elites (click here for details), I’m reminded how easy it is to maintain that Explorist status, thanks to the partnership between World of Hyatt and MGM Rewards. . If you play your cards right, bad pun, you can keep that Explorist status indefinitely…

Hack Hyatt Status from scratch

Step 1 – Get test scan status

If you’re approaching things from the perspective of an elite member of American Airlines, you can now apply for the Hyatt Status Challenge. For 90 days, you will enjoy Explorist status.

During those 90 days, you simply request a tier match with MGM Rewards. It may look like it didn’t process correctly, but your MGM Rewards account should be upgraded to Gold status in a day or two.

Step 2 – BEFORE January 31, 2023

MGM Rewards status expires on February 1 of each year. Therefore, at some point AFTER your Hyatt status has dropped below Explorist status (assuming you do not complete the 10 challenge nights required to maintain Explorist status) and BEFORE your MGM Gold status expires, you can request a level match in the opposite direction. …

Your Hyatt account must be upgraded to Explorist status by February 29, 2024 (especially if you level match in January 2023)

Step 3 – Repeat the level match

At some point after February 1, 2023, your MGM Rewards status will drop below Gold status. A few clicks later and you should be able to use your Hyatt status to upgrade your MGM Rewards account back to Gold status, this time valid through February 1, 2024.

As long as the level matching program runs, and as long as MGM and Hyatt have slightly different status expiration dates, you should be able to repeat this process indefinitely…

Holding on to Hyatt Status

If you currently enjoy Globalist or Explorist status with World of Hyatt, that status will expire on February 28, 2023.

During the month of February 2023, simply remember to request a tier match with MGM Rewards BEFORE your Hyatt status expires at the end of the month.

After your Hyatt status has been downgraded to Discoverist status (or worse) on March 1, 2023, you can simply match your MGM Gold status with Hyatt Explorist status, which would be valid through February 29, 2024.

Bottom line

While Hyatt’s Explorist status isn’t as valuable as Globalist status, you can still receive a 2pm late checkout and 20% bonus points – useful things to have…

Nor is it necessary to start the process with American or Hyatt status. MGM Rewards will also combine tiers from competitor casino loyalty programs…

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